Diamond Stitch Tote from NM catalog arrived...

  1. My medium sized diamond stitch tote from the NM catalog arrived today. It measures about 11"x7"X4". It's a very distressed black. What do you all think, I'm kind of on the fence?
    diamondstitch.jpg diamondstitch2.jpg diamondstitch3.jpg
  2. I personally do not like the distressed black coloring, but I love the style, and it looks great on you!
  3. I love it and it looks great on you. I think the DS ligne is definitely one of my favorites, and supposedly very durable which sells highly in my book. I am looking for the large tote but may just go with the medium, since the large is pretty much impossible to find. Also I like the medium because it doesn’t look too totey and can be dressed up with. Congrats!
  4. Do you have the item # from the nm catalogue? I don't know how I missed it-I get all their catalogues...
  5. I like this bag. My SA has this same one, and she showed it to me last time I saw her. It holds a lot, which is nice, but I really like the look of the leather. It has a bit of a distressed look to it, but not overly so. I think it would hold up well over time :yes:

    But you have to love it.......if you're on the fence, to me that means you're not loving it, and you should choose something else:yes:
  6. I am a big fan of this ligne. Love it!!
  7. I'm not too fond of distressed...but I love the style!
  8. Hi Kittens, what r u on the fence about - color, distressed, size, overall look? I have this bag in the red, same size and I love it, use it all the time. The large zipper middle is so convenient as are the two compartments on either side for stuff i need quick access to, like keys when i run into a store, etc. I can fit everything I need and then some in this bag eventhough it looks small. I totally abuse mine, throw it on the floor etc and it's never shown a scratch.

    The only doubt I have for myself is the size, I wonder if large works better in this style? BTW it looks goreous on u!
  9. Does anyone know which nm catalogue it was in and or the item number? Thanks!
  10. I love it and it looks fantastic on you!!
  11. I went back and forth on this tote and the Outdoor tote (which is distressed caviar versus distressed grained calfskin, and has single rows of diamond stitching versus double) and chose the Outdoor in dark brown. My main reason for choosing the Outdoor was the logo and hardware, which is antiqued silver versus shiny silver. I feel the DS logo will get scratched with time and use.
  12. It was an older catalog and I think it may be sold out, but give it a shot...
    Catalog code: FCS06
    Page: 6
    Let me know if you get it, otherwise they have 1 small black DS tote left at NM 310-887-5355.
  13. Oh thanks you, I was just sitting here freaking out about the bag because I've wanted it afor son long! I'll try both options!!!
  14. I like the look of the distressed leather. Roey and I both are fans of the Outdoor Ligne because of the distressed look. I have navy, but the black looks great! I think you will use it everyday and love it!
  15. It sure looks good on you.