Diamond Stitch - large or small?

  1. I fell in love with the diamond stitch tote as soon as I saw it but have only seen it in the small. I generally go for bigger bags, but have never seen the large IRL. Is there a really big difference between the two? I want something smaller than my baby cabas, but not too tiny. Which do you think would be more practical to get? My usual day bags: Balenciaga City, LV speedy 30, Chanel baby cabas.
  2. hi! first of all, great choice:tup:....i have the white in the small size. it is plenty large enough for me, but in comparing the other bags you carry, i think you'd be fine with the large too. i had a baby cabas and the small is smaller, i'm not sure if the large is about the same size or slightly larger. they are such different shapes too, makes it tough to determine.:shrugs:
    here are some pics and some modeling shots to help you make your final decision.....

    i'd also check out chanel in action. i posted yesterday a pic of the small on me....hths!:flowers:
  3. Thanks Mick:smile: I actually tried on the small, and tried getting my things into it - everything seems to fit (except I probably can't fit in that water bottle - haha). I like the size, but don't want to eventually see the large IRL and regret getting the small (no Chanel boutiques here so I will have to order and returning is not an option). Anyway, I saw the small in white and loved it but I probably won't be able to keep it from getting dirty so black will have to be the color for me.
  4. au contraire!:p i used mine every single day this past summer and i am not a delicate flower:upsidedown:--a complete klutz:push:--not a mark on the bag...looks brand new:tup:...it is amazing...and so pretty in the white....it you want a white bag, this is it....totally worry free.. promise you!
    let someone with the large check in for you to advise you on sizing...
  5. Seriously? (hmmm...you are making me reconsider!) I live in a humid city and have 2 very energetic boys. I wear a lot of black, and I love jeans for casual days - I'm worried the denim will rub off on the bag (happened with my White B-bag). It did seem like the leather could take the abuse but I don't want to spend so much on a bag that will end up dirty
  6. i think you'll be fine, but you could always pre-treat the leather too.:smile:
    it was described to me by my sa as easy to wipe clean and pretty color transfer resistant. believe me, i was worried too.:sweatdrop:
    black is lovely too though, i just did not want you to give up the white thinking it is delicate ....
  7. i've ly seen the small IRL, and it's too small for me. i like bigger bags
  8. I have the white diamond stitch tote in the small size as well and recommend it also...the leather is tdf..and it's easy to maintain. I can fit quite a bit in this bag..my LV long wallet, LV checkbook cover, LV small agenda, LV pouchette, LV cles..chanel sunglass case and cell phone. I also carry all of that in my LV mono speedy 30, LV epi speedy 25 and Chanel GST.

    I totally agree with Mick...the white is so pretty in this style.
  9. Thanks a lot, Ladies! I just realized there's a similar thread posted here. Now I seriously will have to think about that white one....

    I looked at the modeling pics in the reference section and I think I may stick with the small - I do have enough big bags, I think it would be nice to have a smaller one to use on occasion (I'm only 5'2"). I'll let you all know how my search goes!
  10. I've decided on the small but in black (there's a white one available here and I don't think it's going anywhere for a couple of weeks so I can think about that) but I called around and couldn't find it anywhere! Then one of my sweetest and oldest friends who lives in Las Vegas found both sizes at one of the Chanel boutiques for me and took modeling pics of the SA (who just happens to be my size!) - I guess the small really is the size I'm looking for! The bag they had in the store aparently already belonged to someone else:crybaby: but they did find one for me!!!:yahoo:

    Thanks for all your help, ladies! I will post pictures as soon as it arrives (in a couple of weeks most likely)
  11. ^ Great news! I'm sure you will love it. I have never compared both sizes side by side IRL but modeling pics definitely give a better perspective of stand-alone pics. A friend of mine compared both last year and because she needed more room under the arm opted for the large size. So while the small size was suitable for her belongings, the large felt more comfortable on (and she is only 5' and 90-95 lbs).
  12. good for you!:yahoo: i think you'll be very happy with this bag! :love:can't wait to see it. :yes:great idea to have an SA who matches your size to model it before buying....this is something i should try in the future...
  13. I'm SO excited!!! But this is the ABSOLUTE LAST bag I am buying this year!!! I don't even want to think about how many I've bought in the last 2 months. Still, I can see how happy this bag will make me (I had a similar style bag many years back but by Dior and I wore it to death..).

    Thanks again, Mick! I will definitely post pics (but no modelling ones until after I give birth!!!)