Diamond Stitch Flap or Rock and chain Flap?

  1. Ladies, I need help! I just bought the diamond stitch flap in black, but then I saw the "rock and chain flap" and I love them both. I'm 23 years old, so what bag do you girls think I should purchase?
  2. They are both great bags..BUT I lean towards the Rock and chain myself.....
  3. I agree--both are great bags, but I lean the other way toward the diamond stitch.
  4. If you want a more classic bag, go for the diamond stitch. If you want something more trendy go for the rock and chain. Both are really nice bags though!
  5. It depends on whether you want your bag to be instantly recognizable as a Chanel or not. The diamond stitch screams Chanel, while the rock and chain is a bit more subtle. The classic Chanel design does not appeal to me, but the rock and chain is Chanel, yet not entirely the classic style, which is why I bought the flap in ivory.
  6. rock and chain for sure
  7. After seeing pics of the Rock & Chain, my vote is definitely for the R&C.
  8. rock and chain!
  9. i love both!cant decide:p
  10. rock & chain!
  11. I like the diamond stitch.....but, I :love:L-O-U-R-V-E:love: the rock and chain!!;)
  12. diamond stitch, all the way.
  13. Ok, I just bought both..I'm crazy!!! But I have to decide.
    I'm leaning towards the rock and chain.. I think...
  14. my vote goes to rock and chain!!! :love:
  15. R&C hands down!!!!!