Diamond Stitch Flap in White

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  1. Dear Friends:

    Karen at NM NJ just called to offer me a DS Flap in white but since I already have this style as well as 3 bags of other style in white, so I am passing on this info to anyone who's interested?!

    She's going to hold it til this weekend for me.

    Her no. is 973-912-0080.

    Happy Shopping!!!
  2. how much is it?
  3. Dear Takeoutbox:

    I didn't ask her because I wasn't buying it... I'll ask her tomorrow when she gives me the tracking no. of my other bags....

    Keep you posted....
  4. Dear Friends:

    Karen says the ds in regular square one is $1625 (she has it in blk/wht), but the flap at $1650 she ONLY has it in Wht.

    Hope this info helps....