Diamond Stitch Brown Flap

  1. NM palo alto has it.
  2. I beleive that they were going to re-release it for fall, but I haven't seen it so far. The new le marais range has a very similar flap, here is a pic borrowed from chanelboy.
    Les Marais Dark Brown Flap.JPG
  3. I'd love to find this in the tote, the brown color. I really regret not buying a brown DS tote when they were available last fall.
  4. Try Chicago Chanel they had two bags from that line Brown and Black. Not sure which was the flap. Just there today.
  5. mylilsnowy & chabich - Thanks for the tip:smile:. I will call them tomorrow.

    Syma -
    I saw that one, but it's a little bit too pricey:sweatdrop:.

    Roey - I feel your pain :crybaby:. I heard they are going to re-release this ligne in the Fall but only in white and black per Lucas (CHANELBoy).