Diamond Stitch Available!!

  1. I went to Saks in Beverly Hills today and they had the small diamond stitch tote in black or white. They also had the small flap diamond stitch bag in black or white. I tried them on and they are beautiful! I would buy one but I have a modern chain flap that I have barely used!
    The phone number there is 310.887.5357
    The woman who helped me is Joo Kim, but I am sure anyone could help!
  2. Can you roughly describe the size for small?
  3. It is the small size shown in the reference library for $1650 (i think). Not the large one...
  4. KBD, What?! like the small white diamond stitch tote was just sitting there for sale? You could just buy it? The only reason I ask is b/c i called Saks before xmas lookin for the tote in white and every Saks said there was none in the system so I bought the red. hmmm...
  5. Ahh the flap bag is so cute! Why do I always have to be "saving my money," or trying to when bags I want suddenly become available. :shrugs: :sad:
  6. But the RED is so HOT!!! I :heart::heart: the DS tote in red!! :love: Im sure you look great with it! :yes:
  7. Thanks happie berry, ur a sweetheart, I DO love the red, but white bags are my downfall, ehhehe....
  8. Red is gorgeous! Hope someone here grabs it.
  9. The white and black were just sitting there ready to buy! They did not have red, just white and black. I think they just got them in. The flap was really gorgeous...I was so tempted!!
  10. I went to Las Vegas over the weekend and the Bellagio Chanel boutique had 2 small DS totes. Both in black & white. They also had two DS flaps in black and white as well. So so cute! :yes:
  11. They re-released it for spring.That's why they weren't avail. in December!
  12. Sigh I would love the brown one. But can't seem to find it anywhere anymore.