Diamond star pendants?

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  1. Are these out of date/out of style? Are they wrong for a woman of 43? Saw a very cute one and was pondering it.
  2. I don't think they are out of style/not appropriate. It all depends on the size too, KWIM?
  3. i don't think they're outdated at all, but as elizat said, it depends on the design/size. Tiffany's carries some really cute ones.
  4. diamonds are ageless!
  5. do you have a photo?
  6. roberto coin also makes a pretty one. dainty.
  7. No always a classic! Get a good sized one though HAHA!
  8. I have two one in gold with pave diamonds and one in white gold with pave diamonds. They were designed by DK Fine who did them waaay back in the day for Beverly Hills 90210 (don't laugh!!). They're tiny and dainty and I wear them still. Totally love them....and I am older than 30.

    Go for it!!!
  9. How can it be wrong? Wearing jewelry is all about your own personal style and if a star pendant fits in yours, then go for it! :smile:
    What is it with numbers defining what you can wear and how to wear it? Age means nothing!
  10. if you like it - get it