Diamond specs questions---which is "better"?

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  1. which one has better specs?

    1) Tiffany's Round Melee
    2.3 carat
    F color and VVS2


    2) Cartier 1893 round solitaire with pave
    2.1 or 2.2 ish carat
    D color and VS1

    I love them both and can't decide. Tiffany's is a slightly more unique/vintage design but do like the idea of a D color diamond with Cartier. Don't know the exact price but b/f said Cartier was slightly more expensive. (maybe b/c of color?). Do you think there's a "visual" difference between the 2 sizes?

    ~Many thanks!!!!
  2. No, if both stones are IDEAL cut, you won't notice any difference in the .01-.02 mm difference.
    If one leans towards a slightly too large table and the other leans toward a slightly smaller one, you might be able to tell the teeniest difference.
    The color and clarity is not going to be noticeable *IMO* between the 2 on your hand. It's likely that only from underneath could you detect any difference and no one will see the under sides :biggrin:
    I am not familiar w/ either setting though, do you have photos?
    I'd judge by which diamond has more scintillation and personality and which setting looked better on my hand.
    Both color's and clarity's are excellent IMHO and no one really asks what color and clarity but they WILL notice the sparkle! :biggrin:
  3. w/o knowing their specs. . .it's impossible for us to help judge which is better.
  4. Thanks Swanky Mama---you are always the best! :tup:

    I'm going to try them on again this weekend---maybe they'll let me take some pics of it on my hand?!?! What other specs should I ask them for aside from cut and table dimensions? Fluorescence?

    I can't find a way to attach a photo---but here are the links to the rings....



    Thanks again!
  5. :shame:awww thanks!

    I'd ask if you could have copies of the certifications.
    Flourescence isn't terribly important unless it's strong and you don't like it. If the F has slight, that really can help.

    Both are really beautiful. . . also keep in mind if you can or will want to also wear a wedding band w/ either.
    The Tiffany halo will make the diamond appear larger if you like a bigger stone.
    Do you visit Pricescope? I don't want to repeat if you already post a lot or read a lot there.
  6. They settings are different from each other. I think you can probably choose by the setting rather than the stone, since the stone is more similar.
  7. Are these total carat weight or are the center stones in the 2 ct range? Honestly, comparing a D color with an F you will not see any color difference. I have an F three stone and those babies are white. My sister has a D and you cannot tell the difference. I agree, visit Pricescope...they will definitely be able to answer all your questions!
  8. Swanky, kinda related to this post as u mentioned it, so with regard to Ideal Cut, for those of us still learning about diamonds, why is this aspect so important and is it naive to think that most diamond cutters would strive to achieve this level anyway as a matter of professional pride?
  9. I'm not Swanky, but I'll try to answer your question. Most diamonds are not ideal cut. Only the top few percent of diamonds are. Many diamond cutters don't cut to the ideal because they can get "more" out of the rough by hiding weight in the depth, girdle or other parts of the stone. If you want to learn about diamonds, please join us on Pricescope...you can read tutorials, speak with experts and well-educated consumers. The cut is so important, because that is what gives the diamond it's brilliance, fire and sparkle. If the cut isn't the best you can get, the other "C"s won't make for a beautiful stone on their own. HTH.
  10. ^:yes: what she said.;)

    What people don't usually know is if a diamond isn't an ideal/excellent cut the lower colors won't look as white, it will not sparkle as much as it could and it may not be symmetrical even :s
    Peopl get caught up in is it a D,E or F and is it VVS1 when the truth is an H or I color SI1 w/ an ideal cut can blow the 1st one out of the water if it's just a good cut.

    Be wary if jewelers tell you there's no difference in an ideal or a good cut - there can be a huge difference in light reflecting, scintillation, etc. . . .
    Cut comes first :biggrin:
  11. for style, go with cartier. For stone quality, the tiffany is a winner.
  12. I love Tiffany diamonds. They sparkle more than any other brand.

  13. ^ that's not necessarily true though
  14. that depends on the quality of the stone along with whom (lab) grading it ! if you see the stone is more sparkle than others, that means they have picked good quality stone for their settings.
  15. Yes....will definitley have to do more studying on pricescope---it is such a great website

    When I go back to the stores---can I just ask what quality of cut the rings are? I noticed it wasn't indicated on the little tags on the rings. I remember asking that one time at Tiffanys (long time ago) and didn't get a super clear answer. I think its cuz they don't have GIA certifications? I presume I should be looking for excellent-ideal cut or above?