Diamond shopping for an engagement ring?

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  1. The time has come to look for an engagement ring. I've done a pretty good amount of research (online and in store), but I'm still confused as to where to purchase the diamond (round brilliant), GIA certified for the best price.

    I figured this website was the first place to ask because you guys simply seem to give the best advice whenever i am looking at something for my girlfriend.

    We've been to a few places in the diamond district. The owner of one store is a family acquaintance, and that is where we came away with the most information and the best prices.

    We've come to rank the 4 C's in the following order: Cut, Color, Carat, and then Clarity.

    For Cut: Ideal, with the table and depth being as close to optimal as possible
    For Color: E or F, preference towards E
    For Carat: 2.50 - 2.70, preference towards 2.70
    For Clarity: Si1. I looked at a few Si1's under a hand-held magnifying lens, and I personally had a very difficult time finding the inclusions (And I work in tight spaces all day long with magnifying glasses). For my budget, this was the least important to me. I couldn't see the inclusions at all without magnification.

    I'm also looking for excellent polish and symmetry, with no fluorescence.

    I was quoted for an Ideal (although I don't know the exact table/depth yet), E, 2.70, Si1 Round Brilliant ~35k at the store. This is for the diamond only. I did an online search on a diamond search engine and I found the same exact specs (with a very desirable table/depth, no fluorescence) for 39k. My budget is around 35k for the diamond. I'd love to go lower. I have a friend doing the setting.

    I'm going back to the diamond district to shop around for the best price. Does anyone think I can do better than 35k for an Ideal, E, 2.70, Si1 round brilliant? As far as purchasing one, I would really like to do it in store so that she can see it from all angles, lighting, magnifying lens, etc.

    If anyone has any ideas as to where the best place to buy a diamond is/or if i'm getting a good/bad deal, or a reputable dealer in the NY tri-state area I would be immensely appreciative!!!

    Thanks in advance!!!
  2. I purchased mine from goodoldgold.com and I am glad I did. It was worth the trek from Manhattan to Long Island too. I was overwhelmed at the onslaught of craziness in the diamond district. If you purchase that stone above, make sure you can return it if your independent appraisal doesn't go well--and do NOT skip an independent appraisal. On Pricescope.com you can find a list of appraisers near you. If they're recommended by a jeweler or inside a shop that sells jewelry, they're not independent.
  3. Thanks for that info!!
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    As far as I'm concerned, you are advertising. :graucho:
  5. A "good" cut isn't very good! Pass! You'll see the color of the J stone.

    OP, how about purchasing the diamond in a city/state with no sales tax? That will save you 9% off the bat.
  6. That stone ADVERTISED above would not be an acceptable stone to me.
  7. First of all, in a response to another post, some SI1 are eye clean and some are not--an honest seller (or your eyes) are the best judge. Also, are you set on that color? I have an H and see no color, so personally, I think you'd be safe in the F-G range unless you're very color sensitive. You will save more money if you drop down in color.

    Check out jamesallen.com -- they are a very well respected online diamond dealer with the lowest prices I've seen. You don't need to necessarily buy there if you don't want to buy online, but you can get a great idea of prices ranges.
  8. I can recommend a wholesale diamond dealer that is in NJ that I have done business with. Send me a pm.
  9. www.micropave.com is a good diamond district seller in NY if you'd like to go that route (leon mege)
  10. I spoke with the Diamond Wholesaler out of curiosity and told her your information. She has a stone that is 3x Super Ideal Heart & Arrows, whatever you want to call it. It is 2.71. It is an SI1 and the only stat that cannot remember right now is the color. I am 95% certain that it is an E, but if not it would be an F. I do know she said that it would be less than 35k. Oh, most importantly it comes with a certification either. She says that if anyone quotes you a price find out if it comes certified, certified stones are more expensive, but you are paying for your piece of mind. You can always get it certified later, but than it might be too late to do a return. Her ebay user name is globalfinediamonds3 I am pretty sure she still lists her phone number in her listings. Tell her Sara referred you. Except for what little she lists on eBay (mainly for advertising) she does not do any other retail sales. That is why I said to mention my name, plus she will give you a better price if you do. I wish you luck. I totally agree with AME about an independent appraisal if it does not already have a certificate.
  11. Even if it does have a certificate, get an appraisal anyway.
  12. AME: Just curious as to why you would do that? Even if the stones are laser engraved? Or from Tiffany's or Cartier? I am not trying to pick a fight, just looking for some education. I thought a certification from GIA or EGL was enough. What would another appraisal be necessary for?
  13. Personally, I would do it because jeweler, unfortunately, have switched stones on my family. I did not get an independent appraisal for my Tiffany ring, because Tiffany is a trusted brand. I would not get an independent appraisal from any of the high end houses, because I trust them.
  14. i totally second everything ame has said...
    getting an independent appraisal guarantees that you are getting what you paid for...and is also useful if you decide you need to get it insured.

    www.goodoldgold.com has loads of information on their website about the 4Cs, are very nice to work with and totally worth the trek out to long island.

    on nyc, i would totally recommend id jewelry.(http://www.idjewelryonline.com/)

    and www.pricescope.com is a WEALTH of information!!
  15. This is EXACTLY WHY: To be sure you get what you paid for...and for insurance.

    I would do it regardless of where you buy it, even the high-end houses sell less than stellar merch and in some cases may not even know it, or may take advantage of people based on their rep. It's not common but it happens. I was less than thrilled with my Tiffany's experience so they are not my idea of "trusted brand". And make sure if it IS branded in any way (i.e. Tiffanys, Hearts on Fire, Star129...whatever) that the appraisal AND your insurance policy states EXACTLY what it is on the insurance rider. You don't wanna run into issues should you ever need to replace it.