diamond shine!!!


what to do?

  1. keep the diamond shine flap and return the square vintage box

  2. keep the square vintage box and return the diamond shine

  3. return both and just get the classic east/west caviar!

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  1. i'm visiting in dc and found myself in the nm boutique at tyson's bc i could not stop looking at this beauty....
    the diamond shine flap! it's just got a touch of sheen to it, so the leather looks wet.

    i think i might be over my square vintage ligne box and it is still at home in cali in its unopened box, waiting for me. :shame:

    what do you gals think?

    is it a keeper? i was also thinking of getting a black east/west caviar which would be more practical.
    shine1.JPG shine2.JPG shine3.JPG
  2. is it blue or black??

    and what size/price?? Coz I think the flap comes in small, medium and large.

    I think is a keeper!!
  3. ^hikaru, it's black. the lighting makes it look blue. sometimes depending on the lighting it gets a bluish grey cast which i like! :smile:

    eta: there was only this size available in the boutique. it was $1495. the SA says it only came in this flap and then 2 totes (cerf-like in shape). :s there was a picture of the beautiful red diamond shine tote which was posted by swanky, i think.
  4. Jennifer--You sound just like me...I definitely have ADHD when it comes to handbags!! i love the leather of the diamond shine, but none of the shapes work for me...If you have been thinking of getting a classic flap, i think this is a nice alternative to caviar, lambskin or the reissue...
    Did you see the diamond ritz bag I just posted? looks to be similar shiny leather but different closure and shapes.... I can't wait to see that ligne!!
    (BTW, how des a 4th year med student have so much time to shop??) :smile:
  5. ^ lol, stacy!!! how funny! i just replied to your post about the diamond ritz. :smile:

    btw, i got alot of sleep last night (a whole 7 hours!), so i'm energized right now. :P in my defense, i can be a very targeted shopper. i'll go in to buy exactly what i had planned and leave in 10 min if i have to.
  6. DS or classic... : )
  7. good for you on the sleep and targeted shopping. You definitely must make time for fun all through your training!!:yes:

    My vote is keep the diamond shine and have bf return your vintage ligne!!
  8. ^ lol! this weekend has been really good for me to freshen up for the coming week.

    poor bf is running alot of bag-related errands from afar....:rolleyes:
  9. I would defintely keep the diamond shine as it's truly gorgeous especially in the classic bag style :love: .
  10. OMG!!!!! Thanks to this thread, I went to check out this bag myself!! AND I LOVE IT!!!!

    I am totally getting this bag, I love the DS leather, and I love love love flap bag!!! And the price is real good as a chanel bag, and it is roomier than I thought! so I called Saks 5th and have a black one ship in, and I am also on the list for the burgandy red one!!!

    My next question is black or burgandy red?

    The black doesn't look that black to me, it does have a dark navy shade under the light, however, I already have a star-stitched glazed lambskin bag in black from last winter (see picture). Although the style and the texture and tha black shade are all different, but still too similar i think. And I don't have a burgandy bag yet! So I guess I will get the burgandy and return the black??? Decision decision.....mmm.....
    3. Crackled Patent Lambskin Flap Bag.jpg
  11. ^^^ Love your star stitched bag!! Since you have that one, I would go with the red!!

  12. Thanks! Have you seen the red in person? What kinda red you say it is? Red should go with a lot of different colors too right?
  13. hikaru, I wanted your star stitched bag last year, and they were sold out of the black. I did get the dark white/ivory one, though.

    Your black one is so beautiful!
  14. I posted the red DS tote on another thread...let me see if I can find it...