Diamond Shine has arrived

  1. Diamond Shine came in yesterday, enjoy! :wlae:
  2. [​IMG]
  3. Love it!!!
  4. That is gorgeous! Looks like a resin handle, right?
  5. Yes it is!
  6. You are a lucky girl, congrats!
  7. pretty!
  8. oh it's so cool!:tup:Congrats!What kind of leather is it?
  9. Thanks everyone! It is patent leather coated over caviar leather.. it's dreamy
  10. Love the look of the patent over the caviar! What are the dimensions?
  11. Oops knew I forgot something, too many pieces at once today. 8" length, 6" height, 2.5" wide. Thanks alouette!
  12. ADORABLE! great find~ congrats, it is dreamy indeed~
  13. post some modeling pcs if you may
  14. wow..........i didnt chanel made such a pretty bag. This is the first time im seeing this. May I know whether its available in other colours and whats the style number and name of the bag as well as the cost.
    Its so pretty:drool:
  15. Cocochip -

    I don't know if it comes in other colors and I don't know the style number either. Always hard to figure that out with Chanel unless you have the box it came with.