Diamond Shine Flap questions!

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  1. Hello ladies! Hope all of you had a wonderful new year!

    I'm eyeing on the diamond shine flap in black w/ silver hw. I love the subtle bling to it. I always want a patent bag but afraid of the borderline tackiness of it. This seems to be a good alternative to the black patent reissue that I really liked, but the gold HW just made it tacky looking. Since this is coated caviar, I'm really close on makiing my decision on this bag!

    This is a link to Jennifer's diamond shine on the Reference Library

    I'm somewhat concerned with the durability of the diamond shine to be used for everyday wear. Will the diamond shine peel with use?
    I'm more of a user than a collector so I will use my bags as often possible. On top of that, another concern is the trendiness of patent bags. I see alot of patent bags on eBay already. So do you think patent bags will come in and out of style? As opposed to the forever classic chanel caviar flap.

    Key things I love about this bag is the size-bigger than a a medium, smaller than jumbo-and I don't carry much in my bags, so small bags are OK. The mademoiselle turn lock! And the price! I believe $1475? Not bad for a Chanel flap.

    Fall Winter 2006 has sooo many beautiful bags. Chanel does fare better on their F/W collections than S/S. :heart:

    Sorry this is long, I'm looking for opinions on this bag specifically for day wear. Thanks!! :p
  2. I agree I really love it too! Patent I think is a little trendy and will come and go, but the bottom line is if you love it I wouldn't worry about that part. As far as it peeling, I did have to return a marc jacob bag that was patent for this reason, well the bag was sent previously used but that's another story. I think Chanel is made better and I bet it will hold up. Maybe *jennifer* will see this post and since she owns it she might have a better answer than I do! Good luck. The perfect black bag is so hard to find.
  3. i think the diamond shine is not trendy at all, better than regular patent since it doesn't show finger print. and the price is pretty good for a chanel. Also love the size and that it is only single flap (double flap takes up spaces). I would have bought the diamond shine flap in black myself if I don't have my 05 star-stitched cracked lambskin bag (I don't need two patent leather flap bags in black)! So I'd say you should get it!
  4. absolutanne, i truly adore the diamond shine bags. they have an extra "oomph" to them but aren't nearly as shiny as a regular patent bag.

    here's my experience with mine. a few days after purchasing the bag, i found a little area by the turnlock peeling. i brought it back to the SA who got another one for me, but it had a similar problem. now, i don't know if the little bit could have just been "extra" plastic (the best way i can explain it is when you pull out too much saran wrap to cover a dish and you get excess bits). or, it could have been the plastic peeling off...
    i'm not sure exactly what it was, but it was enough of a concern for me that i ended up returning the bag. i'm still sad about it- ask my bf. i lamented my loss....but now i have my lady braid to make up for it. :p

    honestly, it is one of the best deals for the $ (for chanel, i mean). the bag has a ton of space but still looks very streamlined and chic. it's really gorgeous, and i do not think it will look dated.
    i don't know if this helps, but that's my story! let us know what you decide.
  5. Thanks for the insight, *jennifer*! I'm so sorry to hear that you returned it. The pictures you posted on the reference library are so gorgeous!! There is a possibility of it being high maintenance I suppose. The Chanel bags I end up liking are always high maintenance! :confused1: I do like the sheen shown in the picture, if it's like that in a photo, it's probably not too blingy in real life. I love this bag! It's so uncommon!

    It's between this and the bronze deerskin luxury bowler girls! 2 completely different bags, but I cannot afford to have both! :sad: