Diamond Selection Help - Advice Needed

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  1. I don't think an H next to a G will be noticeably warmer.
  2. I guess because I won't know until the rings gets here that I don't want to take the chance. Especially if I can stick with a G.... Hopefully....I'll be dreaming of that perfect 1.15... *X-ing Fingers to have a diamond by end of next week/early next next* my bf even suggested we fly out to NY to look when and if they come in but I don't think it's needed.... we are even debating shipping out this new stone to view before making the setting. I think he feels he can keep the element of surprise if I just never see it period! until it's on my finger. I told him as long as no black I'm okay with it.

    Anyways... here is the picture of the 1.26 on the temporary setting... it was AMAZING in person and it's the first time i've really seen a true hearts & arrows in a higher color than J. Most of the B&M vendors here have only I and J because they tend to sell them out quickly. And this was taken in bad overcast lighting so it was really white in person.... so sad to let it go...

    Please excuse the marks on my hand. I was late for work last week and completely fell running up the stairs.
  3. Oh my goodness, you have GORGEOUS hands! The rings not bad either!
  4. Oh. Thank you!!! Hehe so flattered! Moments after this I was doing some house stuff and broke a nail so they are shorter now.
  5. SO pretty!!! We flew up there. It's not in Manhattan. We took the LIRR from I think Penn Sta to Massapequa Park (about an hour trip each way) and we took a quick cab to the store. It's like a half mile walk from the station but it was SO cold that day.
  6. Whoops - I was checking out your signature and your wedding is FIVE MONTHS AWAY!! That is insane! Wedding planning must be so fun though ;)
  7. haha... without my ring we already put the deposit down on venue. did the food tasting! got the officiant! I'm working with the owner of a bridal salon here to purchase the sample dress (Pronovias takes 6 months and then need to have alternations to make my dress fit but I only have 5 months! so it works against me in this case because i don't quite have a choice). She seems to be able to work with me though. I'm taking one of their gowns and modifying the straps a little... and did the cake tasting and put deposit! so DELICIOUS!

    How goes your wedding planning?

    the officiant asked us if we were surprised when he proposed... we looked at each other.... *confused*

    I actually just made some DIY invitations too (Great way to save on the budget, I made 30 invites for $30 versus paying $5+ each!)! I'll post pix to update.. just give me a second. I'd post the dress but don't want to risk the bf or family stumbling across it. Only my dad and I know... not even my mom!
  8. Ooo I would LOVE to see the DIY invites! Wedding planning is about 0% done LOL. We haven't set a date, haven't even decided on a venue. . .I will probably start planning next year. . .or the end of this year at the earliest!

    I'm so excited for you. What kind of cake did you pick? Where's the venue? Have you guys taken engagement photos yet??
  9. Sorry for delay... I'm in class and obviously not paying attn as much as I should. haha

    No proposal though! We ordered the ring about 2.5 weeks ago so quite some time to go....

    We are having a chocolate mocha cake. It'll be an outdoor stone courtyard followed by a little lunch reception with Salmon over Rice Pilaf & Steak over Garlic mashed potatoes. No dancing.. my dad refused! haha

    Next is meeting with the hair & make up person.

    Invites: (It was a kit from Michael's from BRIDE magazine. with a 40% off coupon!)
  10. [​IMG]
    Here is my "mock" wedding band.... since I don't have my ring yet we still went looking because it takes 4 weeks to custom *omg another 4 weeks*. But we going to do a double prong, not single like shown. and no pave on ering.
  11. Copying this cake design: changing the logo to our initials

    Bouquet design: (Colors are orange and yellow)

    He will be in grey suit, orange tie
  12. I'm wearing these shoes that i've had and since i know they are comfortable:
  13. OMG too cute. Those invitations are amazing! I can't believe you did them yourself. I am not handy at all. I also love the cake - the design is very similar to the ones on the wedding invite!. I LOVE the tangerine orange color. Are your bridesmaids going to be wearing that orange color for their dresses? I go to the the website stylemepretty a lot - I love looking through the whimsical section. There is this one wedding that is TDF. It's shot in the redwoods in norcal. SO beautiful. I love the bridesmaid's flowers - they're gigantic balls haha:

    I was kind of missing the traditional wedding after looking through the website, and I brought it up to my DF and he was like "I thought we didn't want a ceremony??" LOL. I felt bad so we're just going with our original plan and just having a reception ;)

    LOL stupid question about the engagement photos. Duh!
  14. My friend's sister got married at Nestledown it was AMAZING!

    No bridal party for us. Keeping it simple (also because the budget went to my wedding gown! haha).

    We are scheduled for engagement photos in about 2-3 weeks once we get ring and the weather up here is better.

    Awwww You can try to find a place to do it for not too expensive. Not sure how religious you are but you can always do a church?

    Also, our traditional wedding is coming out to be cheaper than a chinese banquet. So you can definitely make it work if you want a non-chinese wedding.

    I felt that way about the dress. I ordered a dress from J.Crew Bridal but then thought about it and I wanted that traditional look, even if i only wear it for 4 hours! I still feel horribly guilty for it because that's money towards my love bracelet... but i wanted it for pictures too.
  15. This is the link for invites:

    VERY EASY! There are instructions and downloadable word invites. I was nervous about making my own but it was incredibly easy! Also check out target. If you get one of these, make sure you use coupons from michaels! Instead of using the RSVP card we are giving people our numbers to call since guestlist is small. The RSVP card will be thank you cards after the wedding.