Diamond Selection Help - Advice Needed

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  1. Do you have a picture? I just emailed my jeweler about whether or not it was possible to be made.
  2. Thank you! I'm so excited! There is so much I want to do but am somewhat restricted because I don't technically have the ring or a proposal. We havent even fully announced it but have invitations made.
  3. ^^Should look gorgeous with your new baby!
  4. Swoon..... I just love love love the look of a tapered band against a straight eternity. Yum!

    I'm hoping to hear back from the jeweler about what he can do. Also, today marks 3 weeks since ordering from Tacori. So.... I've got 1-3 weeks left. I also got it right before price increase so I hope it's sooner than later
  5. Why are you bumping really old threads?