Diamond Selection Help - Advice Needed

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  1. BEAUTIFUL!!! I was hoping this bump meant you had your ring early!
  2. I WISH!!!! I ordered it exactly 3 weeks ago on Thursday. So roughly 8 days until I hit the 4 week mark. Bf said that it'll be less than 3 days from when he gets it. He has to take a day off work to get it before I get home cause i'll open it up, try it on and find a way to reseal it so he'll never know! haha

    But we can make this about jewelry!

    Wedding Band:
    What do you think?
    3 pointers or 5 pointers for the wedding band?
    single or double prong?

    The ering band is 2mm.
    3 pointers is roughly 2mm, 5 pointers is roughly 2.5mm... or should i push for 7 pointers! haha

    The one I have pictured is single prong.
  3. Ahhh whoops, you are so lucky that you have a small wedding! I wish we could have 30 people total but my DF's family alone is about 40 people. With his family friends, the count goes up to 60. He isn't inviting any of his friends (except for maybe one). My family is small but we don't want to have his side to represent the majority of the wedding, so I'm going to make up for family in friends, so I'll get to invite a lot of my buddies ;)

    I was thinking about a JCrew dress too! Their dresses look so simple and elegant. . .and then I set my eyes on a Marchesa bridal dress and I swooned!!! :graucho: That would never happen though LOL. From your ring, I know you have great taste so I know the dress will be fabulous. I can only imagine how beautiful you will look in your dress!

    My DF's family is Christian and his mom made a special request that we be married by a pastor, so I guess that is what is happening.

    Thanks for the link to the invites. I can't wait to utilize it when the day comes!!!
  4. Our guestlist is at 75. But because everyone is family I only do one per household so that's why I only needed 30! (Thank goodness cause 75 invites would have taken me awhile!!!) I cut out A LOT of my family, like maybe 70 of them.

    Pronovias was one of those designers I always saw and wanted but never thought i'd actually buy one!... but i just HAD to beacuse it was THAT much better. It was important for me that it was mostly silk and not polyester. The dress is in ivory (My skin looks horrible against white because I'm so pale) mermaid style. I hear back from the owner tomorrow about the price....
  5. I'd do 3 pointers. I like matching band-widths.
  6. I agree.

    I've always preferred the e-ring to take centre stage NOT the wedding band. In my mind, the band should compliment, but not overpower the set.
  7. Single or double? I only tried on the single because they didn't have a double. I just don't know if having the emphasized roundness for a single would make my whole set seem too "round" and that maybe the double prong would be less? Or maybe more secure?
  8. Double for sure, security. But make 10000% sure the girdles of the stones will not touch your engagement ring prongs. Personally I think you should get a bead set band with walls along the sides a little so that the stones cannot touch the ering.
  9. Agreed.

    And consider adding a 1mm spacer band to wear between your wedding band and e-ring. I wear one with my set & in addition to protecting it, it gives it a distinct & beautiful look. Ame & Frankie recommended an amazing Etsy artist to me. I'm very happy.
  10. We are waiting for the ering for the jeweler to measure the height to make sure my basket won't get scratched. If it does, I've considered putting a thin thin rose gold band between the two. But maybe I should ask to see bead set with walls.... Hmmm thank you for the idea! I was really unsure about how to make sure the band won't hurt the ering
  11. I agree - I think a bead set band or a novo type style so that there is metal around the stones would look better than the shared prong one.
  12. Ohhh the novo band style! I like!!!

    So glad I have you ladies to help me pick. I was seriously clueless and the tacori band didn't do it for me so I wasn't sure what I wanted.

    They don't make the novo in white gold, only the metro. How would I describe the prong style or style of the novo if I have y jeweler make me one
  13. Best would be to show your jeweller a picture.

    My wedding band is Novo-inspired and honestly, if you saw it in person, you wouldn't know it wasn't from Tiffany's ;)
  14. Yes, her novo-esque band is BEAUTIFUL!!!
  15. So exciting, Whoops...can't wait for the reveal!!!