Diamond ritz??

  1. I just noticed this picture that Swanky posted awhile ago (Swanky, hope you don't mind the repost)....within the thread this was referred to as the diamond ritz bag, available in Oct, and I think the retail was mentioned at about $2500.

    I think this bag is so amazing!! did I get the details right? Does anyone have more info on this line? :drool:
  2. i asked about this line today and was told it would be "arriving later". the SA said it was similar to the diamond shine line except instead of caviar leather, it is coated lambskin.
    i think the ritz is pretty; i love anything with some shine!
  3. thanks for the info! I wonder how coated lambskin will stand up:confused1:
  4. I'm not sure how the patent lambskin will stand up but I'm on the list for one of these babies and can't wait until it arrives. Along with the patent lambskin, it's coming in regular leather as well. I'm not sure if "regular" leather is lambskin, caviar, etc., though.

  5. Oh no!! Another list that I have to get on! :smile:
  6. :love: Wow, I think I like that more than the Modern Chain....I may have to get on a list for that bag instead. So many great bags this year! My DH will kill me!:lol:
    I'll have to give him the "sale" price.....:roflmfao:
  7. LOL! I know exactly what you mean. Are you interested in the patent lambskin or regular leather one. I want to add that the patented lambskin comes in black and white ;) .

    ALLinTHEbag, my DH cannot say a thing as he was standing next to me when my SA put me on the list for it. He also said that if I really liked it once it comes in, he'll buy it for me. I have no problem with that at all :wlae: .
  8. Actually, here's the Ritz in white scanned from an ad in this month's W. It's a drawing but I thought I'd post it anyway.
  9. the ritz is nice too but it is a bit out of the price range I would love to pay for. that's why i feel easier to say yes to the DS flap bag.
  11. the diamond ritz looks really good! and omg patent lambskin would be gorgeous!

    good pick ladies. Can't wait to see them arrive
  12. I have the patent crackle bag from last year so maybe the leather. Does anyone know what colors the regular leather will be in?
  14. i love this bag too. omg, this was the one featured in the BG catalog, right? i wonder how it will look in white.
  15. I bet white would be amazing, especially if it's more of a pure white.