Diamond ring for the engagement

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  1. After five long years of relationship, we have finally decided to marry. Next month is our engagement in a night ceremony. I need to know, what style of diamond ring will be the best suited to give in the moonlight. I want it to be romantic. My budget is max of $3000.
  2. I think the only thing that matters for the style is that it suits her tastes. I don't think any specific design was made especially for moonlit proposals.

    Look at the jewelry she wears daily and go through her jewelry box if you have a chance. That'll give you an idea of her style.
  3. Depends on her taste but a three stone ring might be very pretty.
  4. Okay, that might be beautiful. I know she'll like anything that I give. She is not too much into jewelry. But I'd like to give her the best I can. My friend has contacts. I'm planning to design the ring in modern style. And three stone ring will be absolutely gorgeous.
  5. For that budget, I'd stick to either a simple solitaire or even a blingy eternity band.
  6. Whats her profession? Does she work with her hands? Is she a ring wearer? Thise things are what you should consider. If she is not a jewelry person, just go for a simple design. One that is not too huge or blingy. A simple solitaire can do or something that is bezel. Something that she can wear everyday and not for few instances.
  7. I would say go for simple solitaire ring as well. With $3,000 you can go close to 0.8 - 0.9 carat diamond with fairly good cut (would have to sacrifice color and or/clarity a little here), but it would still sparkle like crazy. To get a simple solitaire setting, I see James Allen offers very affordable ones starting at $153. I would do the most simple and lowest price setting possible to save almost all the money on the stone. Later on down the road, when your budget allows, you can easily upgrade the setting as you wish.
  8. Another way you might get a little more bang for your budget is to have a three stone ring with a sapphire in the center. It would still be very beautiful, too.

    Just a thought and congratulations!
  9. Why don't you ask her what she'd like? No room for error there!
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