Diamond Pearal earrings like there.>> where can I find them?? thx

  1. HI Ladies,
    I know you guys are experts. I've been looking all over for diamond peral earrings like these..any1 seen them? i saw one at the jewelry store, but it was too much for me...want to shop around before i made my decision..thx
    please provide me some website..thx
  2. Very pretty. Maybe you could have a jeweler make something similar for you. Japster could probably do it and she works with diamonds.
  3. Have you tried overstock.com? Not always the best quality, but prices seem to be decent...
  4. The diamonds will cost much more than the pearls imo. If you want to get the same effect you should consider pearls with bezel set diamonds. My husband makes pearl sets up and the prices of pearls are pretty low at the moment.
  5. Those are really pretty! I'd like a pair myself. Like others have said, I think the most costly part of those particular earrings will be the diamonds.
  6. I like some firey diamond sparkle with the luster of the pearl...the 2 go so well together (they should never be apart!!!!). Really any diamond bling looks good, even tiny little ones sprinkled in a setting. You dont have to have large diamonds as you only want the pretty effect. Of course it depends on budget also.

    This design is very pretty, but almost all diamond mounted pearl settings are pretty. Its the lovely combination that cant be faulted. imo
  7. thanks ladies....i think either tiffany or mikimoto had these earring, which are very similar rite?? thx