Diamond Loop Earrings...YELLOW or WHITE GOLD?

  1. Just curious what you guys prefer for large loop/hoop earrings. My choice would be yellow gold. The diamonds would standout more and be noticeable but thats just me. :graucho:
  2. I prefer white gold, but that's just me.
  3. White would be my choice. But what color metal is most of your jewelry? I think that would influence my decision.
  4. I mostly have white gold. My SIL has one in yellow gold and I think it brought out the beauty of the diamonds more. I dont intend to get one anytime soon but if I do, was wondering if yellow would be a good choice:graucho:
  5. White gold. ;)
  6. I prefer white gold.
  7. Alrighty!!! White gold it is!!! Hope to have one in the future!!!
  8. All my jewelry is white gold or platinum so I'll get them in white or plat when I goet some! :biggrin:
    DYING for some!!!
  9. I only wear white metals...so white gold for me
  10. Though I like and appreciate a nice 18k yellow or rose gold, I just think beautiful white diamonds are best complimented by white gold or platinum. Since they're white they are such a beautiful match with white gold or plat IMO just like I love a yellow diamond in yellow gold or a pink diamond in rose gold KWIM?
  11. I read somehwere how yellow gold can make diamonds pop and how you can see details of the setting better. White gold on the other hand looks great for an overall blingy effect making the diamonds just blend in with the metal. Hmmmm....
  12. ^^ I've also read that a "less white" diamond is better set in yellow gold while a "whiter" diamond is best set in white...... It's really a judgement call though, if you wear more yello gold then maybe that's what you should go with and vice versa.
  13. I'm biased toward the white gold.
  14. Ooooh thanks for more info Lola!!! :tup:
  15. ^^no prob, they say anything less than J in color (near colorless range) is best set in yellow because anything lower than J can face up a little too yellow to be against white gold or platinum.......