Diamond Kelly watch

  1. I went to Hermes and saw a diamond Kelly watch that had been on hold for me. Wow, store manager took it out from the safty box from the back:nuts: .

    It was gorgeous!:heart: :heart: :heart: Diamonds were very tiny...Diamonds on diamond Birkins in the pictures I saw were decently big. But diamonds on Kelly watch were very tiny.
    But it would be breath taking on croc. Birkin!!!!!!!!!!!:nuts: :heart: It is $32,000 before tax! Only 30 of them were made world wide. 2 are available in US. It is very special piece. I would love to have it for my croc. bags.., But my DH's points are my croc. Birkins are not even in my hands yet, and he believes that it would be totally impluse buying if I bought it. I only have JPG shoulder croc. Birkin. Diamond Kelly watch would look funny on JPG...

    I also got an advice from very special friend;) from PF saying that Hermes watch quality is not that special (not like Rolax...etc) and not worth the money.
    I have to call the store manager by today to let him know my final decision.
    Since my DH is objecting it, I am leaning towards to not getting it:crybaby: ...yeh.. it is a big item...that little watch for $32,000 before tax...So, if my DH does not feel right for it, I should not consider it, right...? What do you guys think?
  2. Yes, as a watch seller, I have to say that Hermes watch quality is NOT that special compared to Rolex for example and I even own an Hermes watch. I just think paying $32,000 for a quartz movement watch is not worth it.
  3. I agree with your PF friend, pass on the diamond watch and just go for the diamond Birkin instead. I'm having second thoughts about getting a Kelly watch as well. For that amount of money, I can save it toward a Rolex or Patek.

    And for 32K, you can get yourself another porosus JPG Birkin and probably still have money left over:yes:
  4. Aspenmartial, how nice that the diamond Kelly watch was offered to you! Even if you don't want it, it is nice to know that you are so well thought of at Hermes that they offered the watch to you. But (why is there always a "but").... I was at a Billy Joel concert in February at Madison Square Garden in NYC. I wore a Kelly watch when the night began. On my way home, I noticed that my blue lizard band was missing something - the Kelly watch! It had fallen off and I never noticed it. I can't imagine wearing a very expensive Kelly watch and having it fall off! Just a thought.
  5. OH MY GOD ninja Sue!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is scary!!!!!!!!!! Can you imagine how you (or I) would feel it was that $32,000 diamond one? I can NEVER NEVER imagine!! Oh....Thank you for sharing your experience!
  6. Oh my Sue. I'd be devastated. I haven't ever lost mine, but I can see how it could happen.
  7. Oh no!! That's terrible!:crybaby: I would be so pissed off if that happens to me. I should definitely re-evaluate my watch choices now.
  8. At least it wasn't a rare or expensive one! It was just a plain, old gold-faced Kelly watch. When I thought about it later, I was shocked that I couldn't feel it falling off. But, in the dark at a concert among 30,000 people, I guess it shouldn't have been too surprising. Now, I check the screw clasp about 100 times a day!
  9. aspenmartial - I would rather get another croc bag or a Patek watch instead of the diamong Kelly watch for 32,000.

    ninja_sue - Sorry to hear about losing your watch. That sucks!
  10. Three minutes ago I had a little 'fiddle-fest' with my kelly watch clasp and wondered how many people had lost them; I'd never trust it for diamonds either! I wear mine seldom, but adore it all the same, I could have just as much of a watch habit as bags if I allowed myself...I am still getting around to a better intro - sidetracked by kelly watch thread again!
    BTW...I really need help opening the bottom of my sac mallette; there, I said it. Uuhh, can anyone suggest the best route to maintain the integrity of the bag? No H store nearby (that I've found) It's the one in my avatar, thanks in advance!
  11. Naugahyde - wish I could help. That bag is FIERCE!!

    Aspen, I'd pass on it and save your pennie for more croc bags!!

    Ninja - I'm sorry about your watch! :sad:
  12. Aspen - my .02 ---> save the $32K on this watch. I collect watches and I agree with the person who told you that the Hermes watches are the one thing that Hermes sells that are not up to the same quality as the leathers or even the RTW. I spent $10K on a Van Cleef & Arpels diamond watch that has 2.5 carats of diamonds and three straps -- and an exquisite mechanism. IMO -- the Hermes watch is overpriced.
  13. Thank you for your advice, guys!!!!!
  14. sorry - a bit late to the game here... for that kind of $$$, i'd personally rather go w/ a patek philippe, vaucheron constantine or a. longe sohne (sp?). yes, i'm a bonifide watch afficionado - lol. if you don't care about movement (automatic vs. mechanical) or number of (internal) jewels, they also have some lovely diamond quartz options.
  15. Thank you!