Diamond heart

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  1. So a few months ago I took an old diamond band I had and had my jewler make up 2 hearts...one for me and one for my sister inlaw...I totally forgot about it and wore it yesterday..thought I would share!! I just love it!!!
    Michelles Camp La Jolla 109.jpg
  2. It's beautiful, and what a wonderful idea!
  3. such a beautiful piece.... :drool:
  4. It's very pretty!!
  5. That is so lovely!
  6. It's beautiful. That must have been some diamond band you started with!
  7. lol...it was!!! Old wedding band!!!
  8. You have the best diamonds!! Adopt me... Please...
  9. Very pretty! And what a sweet gesture! I'll bet your sister-in-law loves hers.
  10. It's gorgeous!
  11. its lovely, really nice design. great idea!
  12. It's very pretty.
  13. Very pretty -- and how nice of you to share with your SIL.
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