Diamond Hardware

  1. I just got of the phone with my sister and she was telling me that there is a jewler on Madison ave that takes your Birkin and removes the hardware and adds diamonds on it. Does this sound fishy?? Anyway if you were to do this wouldn't it take the value away from your precious bag? I think this is insane.

    WOULD YOU DO IT??????
  2. No, I will not.

    I think diamond crusted hardware look more "befitting" on croc Birkin...JMHO :smile: That would be an ULTIMATE STATUS bag!
  3. Never, ever.

    I agree with Gigi!
  4. That would be a little too much bling in my opinion, but to each his own.
  5. First of all, I'm a HUGE DIAMOND FAN and love :love: anything with bling! So baggaholic - I LOVE the idea of adding bling. But, I'm not a big fan of "after-market" diamonds... I bought my Cartier already with diamonds, and I think diamonds are more "special" when they come from the original company. JUST MY OPINION!:rolleyes:
  6. If money were no object, I might consider it! I don't think it would be my style, but a little bling here or there couldn't hurt.
  7. For me, it's more about preserving the integrity of the way the H craftsman made my bag. I guess I treasure that too much to ever tinker with it. :smile:
  8. I don't think I would like diamonds on my bag. It is a little too flashy for me. I don't think I could pull it off.
  9. Ditto. Why mess with perfection? :flowers:
  10. T-a-c-k-y
  11. Drtng, I'm a huge diamond fan too:love: I think there is a market for that because a diamond crusted croc Birkin straight from the house of Hermes is truly for the VVVIP. In short, it is the ULTIMATE status bag that a woman can have. I can imagine someone in the like of Susan Casden, Oprah or...Baggaholic (said with a smile :shame:smile: buying a croc Birkin with diamonds from Hermes! :yes:

    Even this one on eBay by CDL (Item # 6879594064) is with aftermarket diamonds. Those on the Kelly watch are also aftermarket.
  12. I agree! I wouldn't, couldn't! My sister thinks it's cool. She has my mothers croc Birkin and is planning on distroying it like that.
  13. Absolutely not! That would ruin the craftsmanship of an Hermes bag. Now, only if I had one :shame:
  14. Has anyone every seen a diamond hermes? i would love to see a pic!!!
  15. i would just get one with diamonds if i want a birkin with diamonds.:rolleyes: