Diamond Gal's need your oppinion

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  1. which diamond would you choose?

    Diamond 1: EGL 1.55, G/H color, SI2 clarity, Very Good Cut...$7,500
    Diamond 2: GIA 1.55, D color, VS1 clarity, Good cut...$10,500...
    what do you think?
  2. Honestly, neither. I would look for a better cut,that is the most important.
  3. ^that.

    A GIA w/ a better cut, for sure.
  4. I agree! But if it's those two do the better cut. :smile:
  5. Ditto Swanky. Also, EGL doesn't have strict parameters for cut, color, or clarity so you don't really know what you're getting unless you have an independent appraiser examine it.

  6. I would chose a smaller stone with an ideal cut. But, that is just my opinion.
  7. Ditto, I would go for an excellent cut...perhaps a 1.55 excellent cut with G/H color and VS2 clarity.
  8. Agree. I also don't rate EGL that highly - they are not at the same level as GIA or AGS.
  9. Thanks all for the reply! Not sure what I am going to do...leaning towards the D--the cut is not what it could be but the white sparkle it gives off is mesmerizing...and it can always be re cut to a better rating and only lose a small amount of the ct weight..like down to 1.38...
  10. Better cut is always the key, but you have to choose something your eyes fall in love with ultimately!
  11. Have you seen both?
    I have a large EGL stone and I'm very comfortable w/ it's grading.
    Online, it's easy for us to give advice, but nothing compares to what your eyes see and how you feel when looking at the stones.
  12. If you HAVE to choose one of those, I would go for #2. When I chose b/w two diamonds for my e-ring, I had both sent to me and had them both appraised. Just seeing them side-by-side helped me make a decision. Most companies will send them to you at no cost for an appraisal (i.e. Good Old Gold, Whiteflash, etc.).
  13. Does it have to be those two stones? Are you limited to a trade-in situation or are you open to other vendors?

    I wouldn't go below excellent in cut (since cut makes the sparkle), but ideal is well... ideal. With an ideal cut stone, you will get so much light return from the top of the diamond that any color above an H/I will appear very very white. I personally wouldn't go past VS in clarity (but then again, I have eagle eyes). An ideal cut will look bigger than a poorer cut one, if that matters.

    If you're open to having the 1.55 re-cut to about a 1.35, I would look for the best possible 1.35 to save yourself the trouble. There's no sense in paying for 1.55 carat weight, then paying to have the stone re-cut to certain specifications and remounted when you can just buy what you really want in the first place.

    Check other vendors for a G/VS Ideal Cut in the biggest size within your range, and you will NOT regret it!
  14. I agree with everyone here. I would go for a different stone, but if I had to choose one, I would choose the D color.
  15. swanky--yes have seen both in person--its a long complicated story but it is the stone I currently have..the EGL and a new one GIA that I am being given a great deal on--I am not exactly paying the 10,500...anyways yes in person its a different deal and while yes my EGL sparkles like crazy...I dont notice a lot of difference in sparkle with the GIA I just can't get past how white it is and by recutting the GIA I can actually make money off the deal for when I upgrade in the future...I eventually would like closer to 3 cts
    I know some don't understand upgrading but when dh and I can afford it..I would like my 3 ct stone..:blush: