Diamond Etenity Band - what's a fair price, PLEASE HELP

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  1. For a 2.50 carat g/h color vs1-2 in white gold what do you think is a fair price to pay?
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    Okay I just bought an eternity band; 3.6 ct; F-G color; VS-VS1, 3900 dollars. Procured from the diamond district in NY (Diamonds_and_Platinum) off of ebay.

    I price checked tirelessly and prices ranged from 5600-14,000 dollars...for the same quality but for 3 ct i.e. stores in my area and two hours away.

    Oh also in white gold but 18k, I kid you not...
  3. my wedding band is 1.5 carats total weight, g-h color diamonds, vs2-si1, set in platinum.

    we paid $1500 usd (including tax) last month.
  4. Hi I was actually looking at them on ebay. Are you happy with the quality? Did you receive GIA appraisal papers? I notice some of their listings though say the diamonds are enhanced which was my concern. Would love to see pics of yours, it's sounds fabulous!
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    Oh yes you get GIA appraisal and free return if ur not happy. Look at the dealer I sent u they have a fabulous rating and u can call them. My ring is coming at the end of the month.

  6. ^ I was looking at their pieces on ebay too! They look beautiful
  7. There was another dealer I loved and they were very helpful except you couldn't do a layaway plan. THAT's HUGE?
  8. Please keep us posted susieserb & post pix when you get the ring. Do you plan on taking it to a local jeweller to get a second opinion? I always get nervous buying online....
  9. yes i will, with no problems. but the dealer knows your going to do that and they have confidence in their work KWIM and so do i
  10. I'd need to know the cut quality of the gems and I'd wager this vendor might not provide the right answer on that. How many stones are in the ring? I am not someone who makes purchases like this on Ebay, I go through vendors that have a reputation for using known quality diamonds.

    What if you aren't happy--what recourse do you have? There are online vendors that work with you on that, or accept returns. This company for example does fantastic work, uses great diamonds, and has great customer service (in my experience anyway, and I've purchased more than one ring from them.)

  11. The vendor I mentioned above hits all the correct notes which you are validly concerned about. You have papers, top quality cut of stones if you desire, you have all the three C's at your disposal. They overnight the article for free, you return free...no questions asked.

    I have a personal jeweler who will look at my ring when it comes but honestly I'm not worried one bit. Your sight looks great too!
  12. I'd love to see pix of one of these eBay rings - I looked at them for ages, but finally bought a diamond eternity from blue nile, since they allow exchanges. I actually did exchange it, upgraded from 2 to 4 ct. for the same carats, BN was much more expensive & I'm not sure the diamonds are any better. But, I'm happy with it even tho there are better quality rings out there - I just didn't have the confidence to buy from lesser known sites until I found this forum and PS.
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    My lower-clarity (more sparkle than in pic) channel 11gr.plat semi-eternity is 2ct, G color, I1 clarity (.15 diamonds x 13), I paid $699 for it new off eBay about 10 years ago. Budget was my priority tho. I could be wrong but a similar ring might go for around $1200 nowadays ... hopes this helps for you to gauge; a lot depends on workmanship and cut quality of the ring you're looking at and what you are willing to pay if it meets all your criteria [​IMG]
  14. You should go and check out wedding bands from the diamond district where you receive excellent quality diamonds for a great price!

  15. I can not wait for you to receive your ring. Dying to see pics and hear your review.
    I have been looking at similar eternity bands, might be worth the trip into NYC to see them if you love yours