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Diamond earrings: would like to change setting

Oct 17, 2006
I would like to change the setting on these diamond earrings i got as present. the center diamond is approximately 0.5 carat and the setting has small diamonds around so it looks like a flower. i would like to changet it. how does this work? when i find a setting i like, do i tell them to take out the center diamond and mount it on to the new setting? would they take back or give me credit for my old setting? anyone change their settings before? how did it work and what did u do with ur old setting? thx

also, any good website to see settings for earrings or necklace?? thx


Nov 21, 2006
When I rework jewelry, I usually "sell" my old setting to the jeweler for scrap gold at the current market value. You could get .5ct solitaire studs and have the tiny ones made into a pave ring or something. I use a local jeweler for work--he's got catalogs of settings and he makes his own. Find someone you trust and go for it!