Diamond earrings...can barely get them in my ears!

  1. So I rarely wear earrings anymore, but decided I wanted either a nice bracelet or some simple diamond earrings to wear daily. I ended up getting 1.25 cttw diamonds in white gold and I think they are beautiful. However, I could barely get them in my ears! Is it typical that diamonds come on a thicker post like this? I had to put some ointment on them to even get them in, but they're like halfway in, if that makes sense, and my ears hurt. Will it hurt the gold if I put peroxide on my ears? I feel like I just got my ears pierced or something. :nuts:
  2. My wife had this very same issue. We went in a piercing parlor to talk to them and see if there was a solution. They recomended tapering her holes to a little bigger size, from 18 to a 16. We had them do this taper and she wore bead rings in her ears for a couple of months to heal at the new size. Problem completely solved and now she can wear any common post size without difficulty.

  3. oh, goodness, who knew I'd have to stretch my holes! I have them in and the backs are screwed on. It's just like the part where the actual post towards the diamond is thicker than the screw-on threaded part that won't go in. So maybe if I keep wiggling them they'll go the rest of the way in?
  4. You could have thinner posts put on. My diamond studs bug me sometimes for the same reason. Good luck!
  5. You basically just tapered them yourself. If you are able I would just leave them in for a few weeks to let the holes adjust to the bigger post. I had a similar issue when I got my diamond earrings. The screw backs irritated my ears really bad but if you just leave them your ears will heal in such a way that will allow you to wear them whenever without any problems.
  6. Is it possible to get your ears re-pierced?

    Incidentally I inadvertently allowed my newly pierced earlobes to heal on thin posts and now it's hard to insert any studs/earrings that have a substantial post. I haven't experienced any pain or difficulty but it is harder to "find" the hole sometimes w the post.
  7. No need to re pierce - just have them tapered! A simple procedure at a piercing salon.

  8. When I first got my diamond studs for my second holes, I had this problem. The post was thicker & screw back, it was painful to get them in. I had to treat it like a new piercing... leave them in, remember to rotate them, and keep them clean with that solution the piercing place gives. Didn't try to take them out again for 4-6 weeks to let the holes heal again. Now it's no problem, but I just leave them in & take 'em out to clean once a week.
  9. I had the same problem because my holes had closed up somewhat. I bought some 16 gauge tapers from a big box store and did the tapering myself. When I leave my diamond studs out any leangth of time, I use the tapers first, then insert my diamonds. The screw posts are larger than standard earring backs.
  10. wow, I'll need to Google what this tapering everyone is talking about involves :smile: This is the first place I've heard of it! When I hear tapering, I think of Dobermans' ears...

    --- oh --- I see what the process is now. I've seen the more extreme kind of tapering around.
  11. Could you tell me? ;) I googled too but the images were making me nervous!
  12. I have the screw backs on securely and slept with them in last night with no problem, hardly feel them now. I'm hoping if I just leave them in and wiggle them and maybe put something on my ears to lubricate them they'll work their way in completely. I took a couple pics. Without looking closely you can't tell they aren't completely in.

    Btw, I found its kinda difficult to take pics of your own ears!
    image-3713591896.jpg image-2357789695.jpg image-3225027592.jpg
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    From what I've been able to gather, it's tapered "cones" of metal or plastic that are inserted into the pierced hole. As the "cone" is wider at one end, this wide end is what stretches the hole by creating very fine minute tears in the area around the pierced hole which do not hurt but takes a little time to heal.

    What a gorgeous stud!! Very well balanced for your ears.

    I can see the stud not sitting flush on your earlobes. I do not know if people see it is not flush on your earlobes if they are looking at it from the side. Because it is screwback, you do not have to worry about it popping the back off.

    The screws may not be a good "taper" because it is not smooth. Of course I don't know enough but in my experience, the screws actually hurt my earlobes if left in too long, and I think it's because the screw was actually irritating inside the back part of my earlobe. There's a chance the micro-tears when stretching will be a bit more jagged within the earhole then a smooth round taper/hole.... kwim?

    Gee, I've edited more times than I wanted to.... is this another solution? I know when I have trouble inserting my posts, sometimes I tug at my earlobe a bit to stretch in order to see the pierced hole. Can you insert it that way?
  14. I had this same problem when I tried to wear screw-back earrings. I tried leaving them in and treating it like a new piercing, but as already mentioned, the texture of the screw was tearing up the inside of my piercing, so it gradually got worse as time went on. I had to give up on the screw-back posts. I didn't know anything about tapering, but I think something smooth would work better than the jagged screws.
  15. I had exactly the same problem too.

    I just wore the thicker post earrings for a few hours each day for a couple of weeks and cleaned them regularly with TCP.

    Now they're fine and I wear them all of the time..