Diamond Brooch

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  1. I need your advice about diamond brooches...do you need a special occasion/black tie affair to wear one or could you wear it during the day or on a scarf/shawl in the fall/winter or whereever/whenever?
  2. depends how blinging it is KWIM? my mother has a crab broach with pave diamonds on its back and two rupy eyes, its small and she gets away with it as everyday, but a serious broach would be reserves for special occasions IMO.
  3. ita, i also think that if you wear it with a pashima rather than on a clothing item you might be able to get away with something a little bigger...
  4. depends on the brooch. i have some faux-diamond vintage brooches that i wear all the time just to go to work or for a night out. i wear them on scarves, on turtleneck collars in winter, on my waist (to the side) for example when i'm wearing a fitted turtleneck and pencil skirt, in summer i pin it on tank tops (around the shoulder strap). basically play around with it. sometimes the blingier or bigger it is, the more i like to play it down with a casual outfit.
  5. i have a simple diamond circle with a white pearl and i wear on with my white collared shirts at the neck button. or on my navy blazer.