Diamond Birkin Price Difference?

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  1. Hi there, not that I can afford one, but I'm curious as to the price of a diamond birkin. On Vlad's previous thread, the 30 black crocc birkin with diamonds was quoted $148,000. Shocker sticker price. I read somewhere on a local newspaper that it was around that price as well.

    And then I see diamond birkins by CDL selling anywhere from 50,000 to 65,000. WHy the price difference? Are we even talking about the same diamond birkins?

    Enlightened ones, please educate me on this.
  2. I think CDL puts diamonds onto regular authentic birkins, which is where the price difference comes from
  3. ^ Yes, that's what I heard.... after market diamonds versus those put on by H when the bag was made.
  4. Yes, this is what CDL does. I believe there was a thread about this a while ago but the title escapes me.
  5. From what I remember, CDL puts as good or better quality diamonds on. I believe they were all certified and G color. All I remember is that if I ever buy a diamond birkin it'll be from her!
  6. I saw one croc + diamonds in Milan last summer (H store), price was a terrible 150.000 €!!! :Push:
    Better to get it from CDL... :tup:
  7. It's under the Post ebay/website finds, posting# 6948
  8. Okay that explains it.

    I was looking at regular croc birkins and diamond croc birkins. The two were similar in price points on CDL so I was confused.

    Good to know. Thanks people!
  9. Croc birkin 30cm with diamonds at H (FSH) was already at about US$165,000 or around that figure give or take.
  10. I meant 35cms were around that price.

  11. yep, kallie girl is right!
  12. Ok, The BIG difference is about the hardware. On Diamond Birkins By Hermes, all HARDWARE is SOLID GOLD . ( including feets, keys and LOCK !)...and the plates are outside the straps AND inside ( to mention only this)...

    CDL puts after market diamonds on palladium hardwared bags ! Wich makes a substantial difference !!!
  13. Oh no.... perlerare do Hermes not do platinum or white gold for their diamond hardware at all?
  14. I would assume CDL does entire platinum, gold or white gold on the front plates. After all, how does one set diamonds onto platinum hardware? It wouldn't work.