Diamond and Gold ipod necklace!

  1. What's your take? I stumbled upon this site and wanted to share it with you. It's an ipod necklace made of 18K white and pink gold and has 430 diamonds. I think it's cute but, I would never go there. Well, this one's being auctioned off nxt yr for charity. But, if it was for sale would you buy one?

    Here's the site http://www.heyerdahl.no/?template=master;folderid=220
    KopiaviDiamond-modell-1.jpg KopiaviDiamond2.jpg
  2. I think its cute...but no...I would rather spend the money on a big diamond I would wear!
  3. Easy. No, I would not buy it.
  4. Not my style at ALL!
  5. Yes it is cute, maybe a celeb would buy it :confused1:
  6. I wouldn't. Too ostentatious for my tastes.
  7. oh wow... :blink:
  8. I would not buy it....it really does not appeal to me at all.
  9. It's very rectangular and from far it also doesn't quite look like an ipod. Interesting though and creative......
  10. I wouldn't buy it. Not my style.
  11. I wouldn't buy it either.
  12. i would never buy it
  13. Going with a no on this one.
  14. Sorry, but I'll pass on this one.
  15. Mmmm,I'd pass on it too,is kinda cute tho!!!