Diagonal CC Ligne Large Black Tote- Has anyone seen one?

  1. I keep coming back to this bag! :drool: And with a house sale pending (*cross fingers*) I MIGHT be in the market for one very soon. Has anyone seen one around or have I missed the boat on this one?
    Diagonal Cs tote 1.jpg Diagonal Cs tote 5.jpg
  2. I love that bag, hated the price lol. I think you could stull find one somewhere. Good luck
  3. LOL! Same here! At the time I first saw it, the price was utterly insane, but now, with all the new pricing and increases...I don't know. It seems almost OK. LOL. Oh Chanel, how tricky you are!

    I've checked with DJO and Chanelboy and they haven't seen any. Chanelboy said Nordstrom is sold out company-wide. :sad:
  4. myNM had several bags from this ligne a week ago, I remember a flap for sure.
    try calling Shannon at {877}634.6265, ask for Handbags, then ask for Shannon.
  5. Thank you Swanky! :smile:
  6. I saw the diagonal line at Saks NYC last Sunday. I saw a light salmon color one and black.
  7. Thanks! I had no idea it came in salmon. But that black tote is my HG black bag right now so I'll try this if I can't find it through Swanky's SA! If anyone else has seen it, please post where!