Diagnonal CC/soft ..or white jumbo caviar with silver hardware???

  1. Saw this off-white diagonal CC chanel with zipper (CC) dangling down at the side (silver) costing US$3065...or jumbo white caviar white (US$2500)..I have to wait for my white caviar (don't know when it will be in store) but the diagonal CC already in the boutique. So gals..what will be yr choice...wait or don't wait?? My country is raising their good & services tax by 2% in July..so...:p
  2. I would go with the Diagonal CC..I saw this at the Saks store...the leather is so yummy..Call my fav SA(Joseph-917-776-9353) and he will get it for you. I really like the color because its a soft white...not stark white...goes with everything
  3. i would go with the jumbo! but both would be lovely!
  4. I love the diagonal cc..OMG it's so adorableee!!!!:love::love::love:
  5. I love the diagonal cc - just having a hard time with the price!!!! I can't believe I am thinking bags are a bargain when they are under 2 grand now!!!!
  6. thks gals for yr views.
  7. i saw the diagonal and i am sorry but IRL, it did nothing for me, therefore i am going to say definitely the caviar classic. did you really have your heart set on the jumbo?
  8. jumbo caviar!
  9. I Saw the Diagonal IRL, i loved it..and still do..but i couldnt afford it then. and they dun have any more stocks..so i will go foor the Diagonal..
  10. I have the classic in black w/ silver, white w/siliver and beige w/gold... can't go wrong with a classic chanel.
  11. diagonal CC! i love the diagonal CC line but can't justify the price but if you can, go for that! I think the line is SOOO beautiful and the leather is amazing! beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!
  12. White jumbo classic!
  13. diagonal CC! the leather is sooo lush.
  14. jumbo caviar, always in style
  15. I'd go for the white jumbo!