diagnol CC flap?any pics? thanks

  1. anyone has a pic of the diagnol CC flap bag from this season? it should retail for 1595
  2. I don't have pics, but I saw it today at Saks in New Orleans in black. It was a great med-large size. It was similar to the luxury flap, beautiful!!!
  3. what does the luxury flap look like? i wish i could see a pic of this diagnol CC flap
  4. Go to CHANEL.com and click Spring/Summer 2007 and you will see a pic. You just have to scroll through the numbers until it comes up. It is featured in white. Beautiful!!!!!
  5. yeah i know what pic u r talking about, but apparently it's not that one.
  6. You are asking about the S/S 2007?
  7. yep, i don't htink the one on the website is 1595. SA said it's the same size as the classic flap
  8. The Diagonal Flap bag for the Spring/Summer 2007 is on the website, there may be a different size offered than the one shown on the website, I am not sure about the price. I think maybe the one on the website is $1650.00?????
  9. Hi takeoutbox..is this the one you are talking about?? I saw this pic from xochrissie post previously...how hot is this bag hey??
  10. Wow that's pretty :drool:.