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  1. i have got 0% on new purchaces on my c card:yahoo:

    soooo, i am very tempted by this


    anyone know how risky it is buying from diabro and am i likely to get stung by taxes??

    also, their bags are authentic, aren't they?

  2. that's great, thanks. i think i'm going for the medium saddle bag, works out at around £600 ish:hrmm:.

    come on everyone, tell me that it's worth it!!

  3. Its worth it !!!!! :drool:i have a white off tote and i absolutely adore that colour and gauchos:heart: ! you know you want that bag ...:graucho:
  4. OH MY GOD:wtf:

    i just bought it!!!!!!!:sad:

    i've lost the plot!!!!!!!!!

    god i hope i like it. i've been umming and arring for months now because i haven't actually SEEN the bag in the flesh.

    please, please PLEASE let me like it as much as i do in the pics!!!!!:yahoo:
  5. its gonna look even better than on the pics hon u will be delighted !!! ;)the size is very nice its not to big and not too flashy but big enought bo noticed if you know what i mean ...and the design is so special and the elather beautiful... i hope ur gonna love it as much as i love mine ! :wlae:
  6. i'm quite worried now. i ordered saturday and a woman rang me from diabro sunday morning to confirm my details. she said my bag would be shipped sunday night, fine, but my diabro account is showing as delivered - already??:confused1:

    they haven't provided me with a tracking number or confirmation e-mail and haven't responded to my query. Also the i've read on the net and on here that they have sold fakes:wtf:.
  7. i think it's just a routine check on your details. i recall members saying diabro's pretty strict on the information/details bit.

    as for a tracking number & confirmation email, i never received mine when i ordered, but whenever i login to check my account, it would show that it was delivered. it came pretty soon too. all in all, everything was fast, easy and i was really pleased with the item i received.

    as for the fakes, i'm not sure about that, but the bv i got was authentic and so far, the dior items that PFers have bought from diabro have all been authentic, i guess diabro might just have a bit of problem like bluefly? a bad run of fakes but mostly everything is authentic.
  8. thanks for that, i feel much better now! :yes:

    will post the pics on here when i get it, for peace of mind, not to show of or anything!:yahoo:

    i'm deperate for the cream dior cuff but i can't find one on the net anywhere:crybaby:
  9. congrats!! :yahoo:
  10. which cream dior cuff are you looking for elljay? pictures or a description would be good, we'll all keep a lookout of it for you, :yes:

  11. this one that mssmelanie posted


    it's just sooooo lush!
  12. elljay20, the cuff looks wonderful! hope u find it soon :smile:

    and congrats on your purchase, looking forward to pics :heart: