diabro vs aloharag?

  1. i'm wishing to buy my first bbag and both places has the bag i want, but to choose..

    for those who have bought from these site please provie some insights :smile:

    also aloharag seems to be an authorized reseller whereas diabro is not.
  2. Hello there! I recently purchased my Bbag City Giant GH in Anthracite from AR. I was reluctant at first because I was making a big ticket item purchase without seeing the actual bag, however, I was extremely pleased with the handbag that I received. SA Yuko helped out. I've never purchased from Diabro, so I can't comment on them. I highly recommend AR. Be clear with the SA on your preference and they will make every effort to find the one for you. Good luck! :smile:
  3. I have not yet purchased from them, but aloha rag is very helpful and responsive. Diabro also has a good reputation. I do remember reading here somewhere though, that Diabro does not accept returns. I believe aloha rag charges a fee for returns....but I'd check this issue with both of them before deciding. :hrmm:

  4. I have always GREAT experience with AR but I also hear great things about Diabro. They both ship fast too. I am keeping my eyes for 1-2 bags on Diabro now.
  5. I haven't ordered from AR but i've bought two bags from Diabro. They're quick to respond to questions (although do take time differences in to consideration) i asked them to pick me my Steel Day with wrinkly leather and they did. They provide you with a tracking number and ship very quickly - 4 days to the UK. The biggest attraction for me is that they mark the customs form down to what ever you request. Shipping is usually around $20. I understand AR offer free shipping for items over $500, but they only mark the customs form 25% of the value of the bag.
  6. I ordered from AR twice. but last time, I got a really dull and dry GH city. probably i just fax them the order form and not actual talk to them to find the right one for me. My sister bought from Diabro around a month ago. She got a really Yummy & Wrinkly leather for the GH work.
  7. I've ordered from diabro.net. It was straight forward and fair. The item was authentic and beautiful. The shipping was fast too. I'd order again.
  8. i haven't ordered from diabro but i think they're awesome so far. i asked for pictures and they gave me pictures! say, is the leather here dry-looking? but it looks smooth in another shot.
    IMG_2116.JPG IMG_2115.JPG
  9. Same here :tup:
  10. I got an ocean city last week and also evaluated whether to order from AR or diabro. For the city, AR is cheaper except for white and truffle, i think. You can also sign up for AR's membership online and get 3% off. You will get the membership no by email and it can be used immediately.

    AR also don't charge shipping and the quality of the bag I got was very good. The packaging was very nice and shipping is fast ONCE they clear your credit card. The customer service I got was not that good as they were having a sale and took a few days to answer email.

    One of the advantage of Diabro is they accept paypal. You need to fax or phone AR since you don't want to put your credit card number in an email.
  11. I'm now considering in buying one from Diabro , anyone knows why their Truffle are cheaper ex. truffle part time , is it 2007 ss truffle , is something wrong with this colour ? Thanks. I'm very new to bbag
  12. Did they phone you to confirm your order?
    Gee, I got an email that they want another contact phone number (I gave them my office number) as the time difference won't allow them to call my office.

    So they are 9 hours ahead? Are they going to call me at 1 a.m.?? lol
  13. I gave them my mobile phone and they called me around 1 p.m. It was closing time over there, I guess (around 7 p.m.?)
  14. Diabro price some of their bags by popularity.