Diabro shoppers: how often do they change prices, & get in new merchandise?


May 28, 2007
I am in Australia too. Last month, I ordered Balenciaga the first and other bags from Diabro. I ordered on tuesday and received the bag on Friday. I am so surprised that they are so effective and they packed the bags with cushions surround it. Since then, I ordered most of my bags from them .


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Dec 6, 2005
I just recently ordered from Diabro (the GRANDE Marron Glace Matelasse ... at a wicked-good price), and was absolutely and thoroughly pleased with everything! I was especially thrilled with how fast I got the bag ... they obviously know how to ship stuff overseas (since I'm in the US).

As far as the prices, yes they do change based on the exchange rate ... but, as time goes on, they will start to markdown the bags (the Matelasse bags are a great deal right now). The more "traditional" Motorcycle bags will usually retain their price, and in most cases, it's actually more expensive for us folks in the states.

I just wish they would get some brighter colors (they seem to carry a lot of brown/black - heck, I can get that here in Boston ... booooorrrrrinnnngggg:tdown:!).


Jan 2, 2007
ive just discovered this sight and was wondering how reasonable their prices are? im in australia so it would be best to get one off the net


Hi Superem,
I'm from Australia as well. I've purchased a city truffe from diabro.net and it worked out slightly cheaper than buying the bag from the US. It really depends on the price diabro.net are advertising at the time and the Aussie exchange rate. I purchase my bbags from both aloharag and diabro.net. Both are quick and efficent in shipping their bags.


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Feb 3, 2007
BALENCIAGA Twiggy (Blanc) Price: 954.78 USD

BALENCIAGA The Work (Blanc) Price: 1,041.74 USD

BALENCIAGA The Part Time (Blanc) Price: 824.35 USD

BALENCIAGA 2007 Spring Summer The Part Time (Khaki)Price: 998.26 USD (looks like sandstone)

BALENCIAGA The Part Time (Truffe, Tabac Price: 998.26 USD

BALENCIAGA 2007 Spring Summer The Matelasse (Blanc)
Price: 606.96 USD

The Matelasse (Noir) Price: 693.91 USD

The Matelasse Grande (Noir) Price: 693.91 USD

Among others....im surprised they are still there.