Diabro Shipping!

  1. Yes Im impatient! I ordered a Chloe on Friday and it has been sent (very keen to receive it!) I have checked the EMS tracking on the site and it hasnt moved in 2 days, should I be worried about this? How long does it take to do something ;) It has said
    "Dispatch from outward office of exchange"
    for 2 days and Im just wondering (since Ive never ordered from them before) What the next step is and if anyone knows why it hasnt moved?
    Yes Im impatient :shame: :nuts:

    Thanks all ;)
  2. It does take a few days for the status to change.....but you should receive it quite quickly!

    The fastest shipments I have received so far are from Diabro(Hong Kong), Sacoche(Bahrain)...go figure!! Oh and I am in Canada....
  3. Don't worry Jaime. That tracking status isn't quite so efficiently updated. Your purse should be with you soon. When I was tracking mine, it said exactly that for three days. Even after my bag was delivered, the status didn't change til a few hours after the delivery.:yes:
  4. Great to hear, thanks girls. The only place Ive bought from wth tracking was Net-a-porter and I find DHL fast and update frequently! Im also always paranoid Ill miss deliveries. Its such a hassle to have it redelivered or pick it up.
  5. Can I ask - How much is diabro shipping for yourself? :smile:
  6. When you add something to your cart and log in it will tell you how much shipping is, it varies depending on the item weight/size. I got a paddy and it was US$33 or so, a mini paddy would have been around US$29.
  7. has it arrived?
  8. Yes, I ordered 2 weeks ago today (Friday my time) and it was sent Saturday morning, it arrived the following Wednesday late in the afternoon.
  9. congrats and do post pics....
  10. Thanks.. I shall definitely get some pics. My camera is charging at the moment so over the weekend Ill take some.
  11. Here she is :heart:



  12. Beautiful colour! Congrats!!
  13. Thankyou, I am really happy with it.
  14. Stunning bag- congratulations
  15. Congratulations on a great buy! It is a beauty!