diabro quest

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  1. How often does diabro update their stock? Anyone have a good feel for that?
  2. Not that often. Usually after a good sale and then when the new season offerings are made available. I would try emailing them to see about availability of stock on the site and at their Tokyo location.
  3. Thank you!! I've been checking it everday and starting to become obsessed. No point in constantly checking it if they're not big updater, ya know? Thank you....
  4. I can understand what you mean about checking a site constantly...I did that with Diabro FOREVER until I finally tracked down my Nuage Baby Paddington. It took some work, and patience!

    Is there a certain bag you are looking for? If so, I will keep my eyes peeled and let you know if it becomes available/goes on sale!
  5. A better quest is what am I NOT looking for!! Haha:nuts: I;ve gone bonkers over them!!! I'd love a paddy in that vermillo color that was one diabro just a few days ago. It sold out before I could get there. Really any red, grenat like color!!! And a front pocket paddy satchel, in any color really. I love that bag but the one on NM is still $1000. Was hoping to find a steal!

    Thank you!! That is so nice of you!!!:drinks:
  6. Sounds like one insanely fabulous instant Paddy collection! Believe me I get it!!!
  7. Oh my gosh, I've been at work all day!! I hope it's still there....that's one I really want. I 'm supposed to be on purse ban after the argent and now the black patent but for a red one, I might have to make an exception!! And good price too I think!! Thanks!!!:drinkup:
  8. Hope you got it! :yes:
  9. Seems someone got it. It's not available anymore. Post pics when you get your paddy!:yes:
  10. Yeah, looks like it. I called and they said gone, right after I got home from work yesterday...boo hoo. Well, hope it was another tpf gal!! I had SUCH a busy, bad day yesterday, no "alone" time to even place a purse order until too late. Boo hoo... :sad:
  11. Diabro just saved me $1200! I went to order a paddy and they dont have google check out as an option anymore and I cant use my cc on paypal nor can I do international transfer through my bank... so my CC is safe!
    Guess it wasnt meant to be hahaha