Diabro prices are crazy!!!!

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  1. Was having a little mooch on Diabro when i came across the prices for the Balenciaga Handbags i nearly had a heart attack, is this new pricing:tdown:? have they always been this expensive? LOL CRAZY!!
  2. no, there was actually a time when they had super duper prices... I remember getting my rh part time from them for at least a couple of hundred less than retail...
  3. They have never been that expensive, greedy greedy greedy.
  4. They must have figured out that they were cheaper than everyone else and have started to overcompensate. No fair...I got my First from them for a really good price. These prices are way over retail!
  5. over $2,000 for a first LOL
  6. Yeah! I totally saw the prices the other day, and closed the window quickly, not even worth surfing their site. Insanely!
  7. Diabro's prices are linked into the exchange rate and the US dollar is now much stronger than it has been for a long time, that's one reason why their prices are so high at the moment.
  8. *rosieposie* - GMTA ... I took a quick peek at Diabro today too, and while (at first) I was thinking "WOO-HOO ... they have some great colors", the $$$ practically knocked my carcass off my seat :tdown:!!! Holy crap! :wtf: ... and to think that I bought my Brown Grande Matelasse there a couple of years ago super-cheap. Think I'll be skipping that site for a while ...

  9. I don't know why they doubled their price within a year? Who would spend over $2000 for a current year First? IMO even with currency effect shouldn't make their price that high. I definitely will stay away.
  10. Yes. I agree, we should put it on "Ban list" shopping website..
  11. diabro is beyond the pale,in this period the economy is so bad,the situation is awful and they increase the prices,unrespectful.:Push: :tdown: Yeah,on the ban list.
    The Bbags prices of diabro are higher that in the shops,Why should we buy their items? Please!:throwup:
  12. i'am totally agree! they are crazy:faint:! i bought a paddington last year and prices were not so high..:shrugs:
  13. I wonder what makes them think that people will actually buy BBags off their web when it's cheaper in the Bal store...Has the recession affected their business sense too?
  14. if people buy Balenciaga bags from Diabro now .....well they must be MAD!!!!! LOL
  15. I was just about to post a question about this... I was like, oh man, if the diabro prices are this HIGH, what are regular retail prices now?? I noticed they were a little higher than at my local Neimans, but when I looked today, it was outrageous!

    You'd have to be really dying for a particular purse to buy it from there right now. Yikes!