1. I found diabro's price very reasonable but can't stop wondering how they can offer such price. Are some of the items pre-owned? Are they 100% authentic items? I hear even bluefly sells fakes so I'm being very cautious here. I bought my first bag from BalNY but would love to save some money buying gorgeous BBags in the future!! Any comments will be appreciated. :yes:
  2. They are authentic and definitely brand new. Authorized retailers pay much less for an item and then mark it up to retail which is how they make their money! Have fun picking out a new bbag!
  3. ^Since the prices went up, the bags are more expensive than where I live, but they have great bags and service!
  4. I've heard that they price their bag on popularity, not sure how they work it out though! I have a plomb day that originally came from diabro, and it is 1000% authentic, its original owner was able to choose the leather she wanted, they even marked the price down to avoid customs charges. I have heard nothing but good thing about them and their service!
  5. this can be a little misleading. ultimately, there's always a downside to under-declaring the value of the bag for this purpose. it pays to read up more and be kept informed before you agree to diabro doing this when they mail out your bag.

    it does seem that the prices are based on popularity. then again, you see some f/w 07 colours on discounts already... :shrugs: but their CS is really quite impressive.
  6. Thanks all for your replies!!
    Can anyone tell me about shipping and customs charges?
    Thanks again!!
  7. OMG! of course!, I just read what i wrote! I was trying to emphasis the excellent customer service. Mark down at your own risk!:yes:
  8. There have been bad things said about their customer service, particulary if you want to return something. Just do a search for Diabro on tPF and you'll find a variety of experiences.
  9. I returned something and they were absolutely awesome about it. And they are legit as far as authenticity.
  10. I wanna know how much shipping was for a bbag as well!
  11. I believe that they charged me $20 for EMS-Express Mail Services- and my bag got to me in 3 days, they even delivered it on a Sunday morning. My Sienna Day is perfect, and with the great price I got it for 20% off retail ($800) That was with shipping!! I would order from them again.
  12. you're amazing thanks!!
  13. yes pls make the effort to search the threads and make your own informed choice. this applies to other reputed stores. experiences vary from people to people; perceptions vary, situations vary. i did an exchange with diabro with no problems. the original bag's defective so it's not a problem. i did get great CS from them when i made pre-purchase queries. Aloha Rag also gave me the same attention to every email query and i've yet to buy anything from them.
  14. The shipping should be around 25 US$ for EMS, which arrives in 3-6 days. You get a nice tracking number so you can track the progress of the package on the Japanese EMS site. Customs charges depend on the country you are resident in. I known that in the States the customs charge from 1.000 US$ upwards, while in Italy, for example, we pay duties on anything over 45 Euro, around 60 US$. So here the fact that they under declare the value of the items come in very handy. I bought a Matelassé Balenciaga from them, paid 720 US$ with shipping (retail 1500 US$), they declared te value at 200 US$ so that I paid only 40 Euros of duties on it. Got the bag in a week, even with the customs, and got a great deal!
  15. shipping costs vary according to weight of the bag. i think it was USD16 to ship a City, via EMS.

    Fraublucher > did you tell them to indicate that value? are the customs duties dependent on the limits set in your country beyond which customs is payable? tia!