1. yes it is!
  2. Oh, I love it!
  3. I saw this at the South Coast Plaza Dior last weekend. You can order directly from Dior to eliminate doubt.:wlae:
  4. diabro is authentic. and the speed with which they delivered the items was just incredibly fast! i can't recommend them enough - the BV key holder i got my mom came so quickly. and i'm sure other PFers on the board can chime in on their experience with diabro too.

    just a little tip, i don't know if the dior sales in the US has ended, but it's still sale season here in the UK and lots of dior accessories are on sale.. and quite a lot of them are from relatively new seasons. the selection in the paris stores was just heavenly too.
  5. yes! it's def reliable
    plus, if youre ordering internationally theyll declare whatever amount you request on customs :wlae:
  6. Diabro has sold fakes once before!!! Though this was the only incident that I have heard of, it is enough for me to say that I would NEVER shop from them ever. Goodness knows how many others got scammed.

    Have a read and be the judge. PF member wooju became a member on the forum to 'research' bags for his gf. He decided on the spy in the end. One of the members baglady took screen shots of the fake Fendi's on the Diabro website and saved them. I couldn't find the thread with these pics (sorry). Anyway Diabro removed the pics after and denied them having been there. Diabro got pretty upset that wooju posted in the forum and I'm not sure if he ever got his money back. :sad:

    My girlfriend's gift is here! (pics)

    STATEMENT of diabro.net
  7. I was looking at some of the Dior jewelry earlier today and some of it looks fake. It's like the tons of stuff on eBay. I don't know about that site...

  8. but then this guy has never posted on the forum before and he never posted a pic of package or a receipt confirming that he really got the bag from diabro... makes me wonder if he was not a troll...
  9. ^True that. But as I said one of the members baglady.1 took screenshots of the website and the pictures were definitely of fake Fendi spies, or as Diabro put it "rouge bags". I've seen the screenshot and this is enough for me not to buy off them (think she might have removed them). As I said it's the only incident that I've heard of. I'm not telling you guys not to buy off Diabro, just letting you know of what happened to one of the members. Though he doesn't or didn't post anything before, he claimed to be coming on the forum for opinions about a Balenciaga and a Fendi for his partner. Whether this is true or not, doesn't matter, the screenshots were enough for me.

    I'm not the only one who agrees with this claim and I'm not trying to get everyone not to buy of Diabro, I just wanted to let you guys know about this incident (Saks off 5th has had a cases with fakes as well) so that if you buy stuff from there, get it authenticated in the Authenticate this Dior thread just to be sure. Plus they have a return policy. :smile:

  10. aaah ok sorry hon somehow the thing about taking screenshots escaped me !
  11. Well I know my Balenciage from them was not a fake.
    Great service and super fast shipping!
  12. No worries. :smile: I don't even have the screenshots on me to prove it anyway :rolleyes:. I might need to PM baglady.1.

    You don't have to cross of diabro. As I said it's the only case I've heard of and heaps of members have bought authentic Fendi and other labels like MD said. If anything, they do returns so it's not 'unsafe' if you get what I mean.