Diabro.net Winter Sale - Tons of Diff Paddingtons

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  1. Diabro.net is having their Winter Sale. Extra markdowns on:

    Mini Paddies in Castor, Jaune, Jade, and Bleu-nuit for $816.00

    Paddington Clutches in Orange, Brun, Metallic Bleu-nuit, Noir (black on black), Noir (black on gold), Argent for $331.00

    Original size Silverados in Sable for $650.00
    Noir, Muscade, Castor for $816.00

    Medium Betty in Flanelle, Ecureuil, Gazelle and Camel for $816.00

    Paddington Pouches (make-up kit/pouch) in Muscade, Gazelle, Noir and Castor for $290.00

    There are other markdowns in the website including Balenciaga bags.
  2. Am I correct to assume that they are authentic?

    thank you!
  3. I'm not sure about the silverados, but the paddies and everything else have been that price on diabro.net... not cheaper.

    Roma, I've never personally purchased from them but have heard pretty good reviews.
  4. I've heard mixed reviews about that website. Someone just posted a new thread about it and credit card problems.
  5. I am confused about them posting Balaneciagas - as far as I am aware no one is allowed to advertise Balenciaga's on line. Makes me wary of them. Just be careful whatever you decide.
  6. I would be careful of this site. Just my opinion.
  7. I find it hard to believe that they carry so many hard-to-find colors in Paddingtons and Balenciagas.

  8. Jag I really respect your opinion. What should we be suspicious of? Too many 07's on sale so soon? :confused1:
  9. That's an awful amount of Chloes on sale
  10. Yikes, seems like I made a mistake posting the diabro sale. Sorry! It's the last time you'll see me talking about this store... I apologise.
  11. Eucalyptic - no need to apologies at all. It's great to get more sites to add to our list of places we would shop - I guess a lot of us have concerns on them, I am sure however there are people who don't.
    Keep posting!
  12. I consider myself pretty cautious - I won't even shop eBay. But somehow this site appears legit to me since it seems a lot like AR. It is Japanese based - right? And didn't a poster from Japan point out that although there are no deals on the mainland it is possible to find them on Japanese websites? I would go for it if there was something I was craving. I did see the black patent chain handled Betty and considered trading in my choco patent version so that I could have a black bag. (I'm missing one so far) But I love the color of the choco so much and others have made comments about the black patent looking a little cheesy. Normally I don't care what others think but I really don't want to have 3 chain handled Betties. No way I'm giving up the choco patent.
  13. Eucalyptic, there's another thread posted about their procedures dealing with customer relations and credit. My concern is only that I see a lot of the newer handbags on sale, in colors that other PFers have said is difficult to get. I don't have a lot of knowledge on Chloe bags, and have only bought mine from NM, Saks and BG because of this. However, if pfers that have extensive knowledge on the ins and outs of Chloe accessories say that their products are authentic, then I will definitely consider buying from them. My only issue with this site is what info they ask for to verify credit. I think that's overboard.
  14. I look forward to seeing your posts about sales so please don't quit doing that. After all, you helped me track down a bag or two, not to mention the Chloe Bahrain info. I really appreciate getting the info you post....:smile: :heart: