Diabro.net - why I'll NEVER buy from them

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  1. I placed an order for a Chloe keychain, an inexpensive one- and now they want my Bank Statement & Drivers license faxed to them.. how ridiculous! I can understand needing to see my drivers license, but my BANK STATEMENT! WTH?:cursing:

    I'm sorry but no one sees my bank statement but my immediate family... and they can keep their silly keychain!

    Now they'd better credit back my money really quick!:yucky:
  2. Sparkledust, I think they're just trying to eliminate the possibility of fraud. Just in case you are not who you say you are. If you lost your wallet, chances are your driver's license would also be in the wallet along with your credit card. Someone who has stolen your wallet will have access to both and so a DL is not really enough proof. They are just trying to protect themselves and you from fraud. They could definitely do this better though!

    The service provided by NAP and AlohaRag is much better.
  3. I think that's a bit overboard. Looking at a bank statement gives them way too much information that they don't really need. They're running a store for crying out loud...not the FBI!
  4. I think this was mentioned over at the Balenciaga forum too. Someone wanted to purchase something at diabro.net and they did ask for a bank statement and driver's license.
  5. don't get offended, diabro.net is in Japan, Asia has a different perspective on privacy.
  6. A bank statement with a drivers license is way to much info. They can use that info for ID theft.
  7. I pored over the other thread about this, and it sounds like this is for their own protection as a retailer. (They should definitely explain it on their website though.)

    You can avoid having to do this by paying through Paypal, if you have any interest in trying to purchase the keychain again. They don't ask for any additional information then.

    I just ordered a blue Paddy from them. I'll let you know how it goes.
  8. LUV

    I hope your paddy is legit when it comes as I do have some concerns about them.
  9. In my opinion asking for a bank statement crosses the line- and is an invasion of privacy, and no one is totally sure that their stuff is authentic, because Chloe boutiques don't authenticate. It would suck to get your identity stolen for a fake bag!

    Oh and they still have my money too, because they removed the money from my account, but they cancelled my order.

    The company the money went to was Monte Carlo, Inc, according to World Pay the gateway they use. Maybe I should research them and see if they Chloe New York says they are are an authorized retailer.

    I'm going to stick to buying in from NM, Nordstrom and Saks from now on, the chances you take with online retailers is not worth it.
  10. I still feel that they are crossing the line. When was the last time you tried to buy something from any online store and had to present this type of documentation?

  11. ME TOO...gulp! I will post the bag on the Authenticate This thread when it arrives. Everyone on the Authenticate This thread said that Diabro was legit/authentic, so I'm confused now....:confused1:

    Another TPFer who ordered the same bag from them said her Paddy was authentic. I'll just hope for the best.
  12. The first time I made a purchase with Amazon UK I had to fax over a copy of my credit card statement.
  13. :wtf: You did? I have shopped at Amazon UK for years and they never asked me for this information. Not even the first time I shopped there.
  14. I think maybe they meant credit card statement, rather than bank statement. I have had to fax images of my credit card (front and back), as well as credit card statement, showing the number and billing address (but with the rest of the information blacked out), for overseas purchases in the past. It is quite standard. Many places are not as paranoid about identify theft as the US, although they should be!
  15. As an update...I received my Paddy this week. It looks great, but since I've never seen one IRL before, I asked the expert ladies on the Authenticate This thread to look at it in detail. They seem to think it's real:


    Anyhow, I totally appreciate the concern about identity theft. But in this case I'm happy to say that I think it's just a cultural difference. :yes: