diabro.net... trustworthy?

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  1. Hi ladies, I'm really amazed at the bags in diabro.net. But do they sell fakes? I certainly hope not. Anybody with nasty incident with them? Or would you all recommend it?

    It does ship internationally, does it?
  2. I believe they ship internationally - I think the only problem with them is its not easy to return to them. From what I have seen, all is authentic. Do a search of this forum and you will find some experiences...
  3. I happily purchased there a few weeks ago. Great experience! :yes:

    Only thing is they won't accept returns if you change your mind.
  4. Great experience, great prices!
  5. Completely authentic, totally wonderful! :yahoo: They are terrific, but one caveat: NO RETURNS....I have never TRIED to return anything, but they clearly state on their website that they do not take returns, unless there is something CLEARLY defective in the merchandise that you receive. I would imagine that that would be something like a broken zipper, missing key or padlock, etc.:cursing: If you just changed your mind and decided you didn't like the bag, you are out of luck. I have bought a few bags from them, some Alexander McQueen scarves, and some Chloe accessories and they all came promptly and perfectly. Everything has been authentic and I have never heard of anyone getting anything that wasn't genuine. I LOVE Diabro.net, so I guess I am biased, and yes, their prices are great! :wlae:
  6. great store and superfast shipping!
  7. I just ordered a Baby Paddington. So far, so good. I'll let you know how I make out. I did ask if I could exchange it for a different color, if I wasn't happy. They said, yes. But I'd have to pay the shipping and customs fees. I feel a little better about the purchase now that I know that because I couldn't decide on Canelle or Muscade. I went with Canelle.
  8. Sorry, all questions regarding authenticity need to be posted in the Authenticate This chloe thread, or in the alternative, the Discuss eBay/Resellers thread. Thanks!
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