diabro.net - this sounds wayyy too good to be true....

  1. http://diabro.net/index.php/cPath/192_237#BAGS%20-%20THE%20MATELASSE

    was looking for matelasse bags and i called the boutiques in the area.. theyre retail 1795 for medium and 1995 for the large at the stores ive called..
    but diabro is selling them for as low as 606!!! is this too good to be true?? if not, how are they discounting so much?? :huh:

    if ppl here have ordered a b-bag from diabro before.. how was your experience? Thank you!
  2. I've purchased 3 authentic B-bags from Diabro.net.... I've had a great experience!!
  3. ^Ahh! so glad to hear it~!!! I'm happy for you and thanks for your input!
  4. Lvluv, I cannot say enough good about Diabro! I just purchased a Matelasse Grande from them, you can find all the pictures here: http://forum.purseblog.com/balenciaga-shopping/matelasse-grande-photoshoot-160597.html
    The bag is 100% authentic, compared cheek to cheek with one in a legitimate store here, and the prices here in Italy are similar to those that you got from the boutiques in your area.. so you can imagine my happyness in scoring one at 750$ taxes included! The black Matelasse Grande I purchased is from 2006, so they are selling older bags with a discount, but as black is not a seasonal color it does not bother me at all.
  5. I agreed with Fraublucher. If you see all products at diabro.net, the prices between same style are various, I think it is based on the currency converter they have on each days, So far, all their bags are all authentic:tup:
  6. the prices are so sporadic- one city will be $950 and another $1300??? Is it just on how popular certain colors are or something? I find the inconsistency to be odd.
  7. It might be odd to those of us who don't sell bags for a living, but if you think about it... lots of times only certain colors get marked down. You know? When I go to Nordstrom or wherever, I'm looking for something classic.... say... black... well, sometimes the green or the white is on sale, but not the black. You know? Anyway.... I don't question... I've gotten 3 authentic bags from them and they have great service. :smile:
  8. Thanks so much fraublucher!! your input has given me much more confidence in diabro :smile:
  9. You're welcome!
  10. i heard they are pretty reputable!!!:yes:
  11. I ordered the matalasse from them too and am quite pleased!
  12. Just received my black matelasse from them. I placed the order on Sunday and it was delivered Tuesday morning at 8:30 AM- is that humanly possible???!!!:shrugs:
  13. that's amazing!

    I really am thinking about ordering from them since I keep hearing such great things!
  14. Ahhh...my ears must have been burning!!! I swear, not 15 minutes ago (before finding this thread), I ordered a Black RH Day from Diabro for $780.87 (??)...odd price, but given what I know about Diabro, I have no doubts about the authenticity. Shipping was $18 so the entire purchase was under $800 for a brand new 07/08 black RH Day!!!

  15. I hate Diabro al the grande Black Mattelases are gone.