Diabro.net shipping problem

  1. Hi everyone!

    I'm new to the Chloe subforum, so this is my first post here :smile:

    I'm waiting to receive a parcel that I ordered through Diabro.net, and the tracking on www.canadapost.ca indicates that it has left customs on Friday evening but that it went to the delivery office and is "On Hold" (and this doesn't mean that it went to the post office for me to pick up). I tracked the item on ‚䂤‚Ñ‚ñƒz[ƒ€ƒy[ƒW - ƒgƒbƒvƒy[ƒW (post.japanpost.jp) and it indicates something similar except that they called it "Retention". I'm not sure what retention means, but I was wondering if any of you have had a similar experience with receiving foreign parcels and if matters like this get resolved soon. I just want a little reassurance because I'm quite anxious about this.

    I actually posted this in the main Handbags and Purses subforum today but because I know that quite a few PFers have purchased Chloes from this website, I think that it may be better to post my question in this subforum instead.

    Thanks everyone!:heart:
  2. gosh, sorry I do not know what that means. Have you tried calling customer services at Diabro so that they can explain the shipping process.

    I am sure it is just a technical word for on its way lol! just sounds better to have it showing as "retention" but hope you find out soon :smile:
  3. Hi Chloe-babe!

    Thank you very much for your response!! I actually contacted Diabro on email and they said that I should contact CanadaPost on Monday to find out what's going on. They indicated that they don't know what that means, but are confident that it will work out in the end. I really hope that they are speaking from experience rather than just saying something comforting.

    I will contact CanadaPost tomorrow, but in the meantime, this is distracting me so badly today and I really want some reassurance. I requested that the item be marked under it's value (I heard that the seller LVLady declares all her parcels with ridiculously low values, and some PFers have been able to avoid customs because of that, so I asked them to mark it at $30 and they agreed), and now I can't help but blame myself for asking that because that could be the problem. Normally, customs just opens a parcel, discovers that the value is in fact a lot higher than the declared value, and just taxes the item according to it's true value. But this time the tracking shows something I've never seen before and I'm scared.:s
  4. It's not a problem with Diabro, but your local delivery.
  5. hmmm, I think there's nothing to worry about... if it left friday evening, maybe you should get it tomorrow or tuesday... I never ordered from diabro, but I got items shipped to me from all over, declaring a very small $$ value -- hasn't been a problem yet.
  6. Today I've called customs commissioner. They said to me that my package will arrive next week, but I've found a forum who speaks about this italian service and people say that the wait is until 2 months, and the most of package will be open!!! I'm afraid that my bag will be damaged..but I can't do anything..
    I think this story will never end...
  7. Today is happened something unexpectedly!!!! On japanese post website there is this status: "Departure from inward office of exchange".
    MY BABY PADDY IS COMING!!!!!:party:
  8. :yahoo: YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HORRAY!!!!!! :yahoo:

    It's such a big relief to see a parcel leave customs, because it's no longer out of the control of the shipping company and the recipient! You Paddy should be with you in no time!

    I just wanted to update everyone regarding my situation as well: I RECEIVED MY DIABRO PURCHASE (actually 2 purchases). I was terrified when I saw that the tracking indicated "retention", but as soon as CanadaPost opened on Monday morning, I gave them a call, only to find out that they were with Purolator and that the scan saying "item on hold" is a Purolator scan. And that day, I tracked the parcels and BOTH were on the vehicle to be delivered.

    Here are my babies in case you guys are interested!

    Anyway, thank you for all of your help, guys! I know for sure that I won't ask to mark parcels with such low values from now on, because if anything happens to them while in transit, I would start blaming myself again for marking them so low.
  9. wow nice. you should also check out my experience