diabro.net sells fakes?

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  1. hi girls i JUST saw this in fendi thread about diabro.net possibly selling fakes!




    is this true?? for those of you who has bought from diabro.net before, are you bbags real??

    i'm a little worried now as i just bought a 07 vermillion city from them recently! (probably about the same time this whole fendi thing happened) :confused1::sad:

    what are your thoughts on this girls?? thanks!!!!
  2. I'm no expert on fendi, but I've bought a balenciaga shoulder bag from diabro and it was genuine.
  3. I saw that thread too. I was looking at their Balenciaga bags, but not very sure right now. I am hoping this Fendi incident is just one single case.
  4. i checked my bbag too and it seems genuine to me, but if the fendi thing is true, there is no reason why they would sell fake fendi but real balenciaga??
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.