Diabro.net receives the thumbs up in my opinion

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  1. I have seen alot of threads on Diabro.net in this forum and wanted to give a summary of my experience with Diabro which has been incredibly positive.

    From the online ordering system to being able to pay with my credit card via paypal, to receiving a confirmation of the order, an email requesting how much customs value I wanted to declare to tracking of shipment to final delivery - has all been first class.

    The company has press releases, links to their stores, valid contact numbers and addresses etc. to provide some ease for those that may feel hesitant ordering online.

    Diabro were very responsive to my emails prior to the order and were very easy to deal with.

    I ordered two bags (a Chloe Paddington & Balenciaga First) with both my items being authentic and being delivered in good order. My bags were ordered on Monday afternoon (Australia time) and I received my items this morning - Thursday (Australia time) - 2 days in transit which was amazing.

    I had no customs or fees to pay, and had no hassle with credit card checks etc.

    In my line of work, I am often assessing the customer experience - and I would rate MY customer experience with Diabro.net as A Class.

    When the box arrived this morning, my husband and I opened it together, and it was so much more better than buying it from a department store!

    I hope others that are considering to buy also have great experiences as well. I know I was trying to do as many searches on Diabro before I ordered from them and it was actually a post by "lovensparkle" and some messages to her that helped me go with Diabro and I am glad I did.
  2. Ditto what she said. I ordered a Chloe Paddy and a Balenciaga Work from them. Both were authenticated by the experts here, and their service was great, from the email confirmation to the two-day express shipping from Japan.

    I have NO affiliation with Diabro whatsoever. Just wanted to add to the positive feedback.
  3. Just wanted to add to luvmygirls0 comment - I am not affiliated with Diabro either. Just love receiving good service and a great deal, and wanted to share for others to take advantage of as well.

  4. Hi, i am quite tempting to try diabro after reading ur email. However, i have a question here, how can u not pay any custom fee? what have u told them to?? send as a gift or what? because, im scared that buying frm overseas will be taxed. thanks and pls reply me asap!! sheers:smile:
  5. Thanks, beani_p! I'll definitely consider them more strongly after reading your post:tup:
  6. I think someone explained in a prior thread that the "underdeclare" the value. You can probably find the discussion if you do a search. Maybe the others on this thread who have bought from them can verify if this is true.
  7. I was just browsing their items, and was wondering if their services are good.
    The customs where I leave charge 40 % of the value of the item you have ordered if it is more than 120$ ... It is usually hard to buy stuff from outside EU...

    It is nice to hear that they are so nice!