Diabro.net is THE BEST!!!!!!

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  1. Hey everyone!

    SOOOooooooo...today I got lucky and received BOTH the Diabro.net parcels that I ordered at different times last week! I'm so excited because the past weekend was absolute misery for me when the tracking showed that that of the parcels was "on hold", and I feared that something bad happened to it.

    Everyone should order from this website because they ship in a day of buying, and everything is brand new and 100% authentic!!!!!!!!!!

    So here's the first purchase...the Dior Gaucho evening frame bag!

    Here's the second...a BLACK Dior Gaucho saddle!!!


    And finally, my entire Gaucho family (I no longer have my white double saddle...but she's in very good hands!):


    :nuts: :biggrin::nuts: :biggrin:
  2. Congrats!!!

    I'm glad your dior got to you safely!!! I love the framed bag. I seen the frame bag in a black regular sized and died.. it's soooo gorgeous!
  3. :nuts: Thank you so much for all of your help during the weekend!!! What you said really made me feel a lot better, and helped me last till this afternoon when I finally received these parcels!!!:heart:
  4. May they are absolutely gorgeous ! :yahoo: im so happy all turned out well ! :yahoo: i would have never suspected that you would go for a black gaucho ur the gaucho queen now ! :heart: :drool: :heart:
  5. Wow May, what can I say? They're so gorgeous! Congrats! :wlae:
  6. :drool::drool:
    May, they're absolutely gorgeous! it's a pity your double gaucho isn't with you anymore but the lovely new black gaucho and that absolutely stunning frame gaucho more than makes up for it. i was eyeing that frame gaucho myself (but thought better). i'm so glad you got them. they're just fantastic! hurrah for the new buys!

  7. congrats may... you are sooooo lucky and i'm soooo jealous...
    I love love love the evening bag!
  8. May great bags. Frame bag is not shown in any of the stores in california.
  9. beautiful bags!! That frame bag is so pretty, and of course I love your black saddle too!!

    Diabro is awesome, and you save money too!! :smile:
  10. Congratulation!! Great bags!! I love your black Dior Gaucho saddle!!!:love:
    Im very happy for you !!! It's a good day :yes:!!!

  11. what are the shipping charges? and were you charged duty? thanks
  12. Thank you for your wonderful comments, everyone!!!

    The shipping charges were super fair. Because I ordered both of these separately on different days, I paid individual shipping prices for each: I paid $16 for the mini one, and $26 for the large. These are amazing prices for international express shipping, and I don't think they earn a dime from these prices.

    And they ask what value you wish to declare your packages. I indicated that I wanted them to be declared at $30 each and I was able to avoid customs. But I will never do that again...I panicked when the CanadaPost tracking indicated that one of the items were on hold, and immediately I blamed the fact that I asked for the value to be declared so low. I'm going to put it closer to the real value in the future (so I don't have to feel this way again!). The other benefit of declaring a larger amount is that if the parcel gets lost, you may be able to get most of your money back whereas if mine got lost, I think I'd be reimbursed $30 each.
  13. I'm really glad this site is authentic. I just orded a Chloe top from there and was feeling a bit nervous about it today. Gorgeous bags!! :yahoo:
  14. How did you ladies discover this site? I though eluxury.com is the only online store that sells authorized authenic bags. This is exciting.

    I don't understand how customs work. If they ship from Japan to US, do I have to pay US tax based on the price of the bag?

    Did you have to pay Japanese Tax with your purchase?

  15. Hi Foxy_chao!!!!

    I discovered this website through our lovely Nataliam. Quite a few other PFers know this site for their authentic Chloes, too. I'm not sure if they are authorized to sell Dior (as eluxury.com), but their stuff is authentic! They are actually linked to a chain of Japanese boutiques that carry a bunch of designer brands. Although I'm not interested in the other brands at the moment, I'd love to be able to use Diabro to try out other brands like Chloe and Fendi, cuz the prices are lower and I can be sure of their authenticity.

    And they didn't charge any Japanese taxes, nor any taxes at all (I don't know if there is sales tax in Japan). If you request that they declare the value of the bag at the actual price that you bought it for, you can expect to pay US tax on that entire amount.