Diabro.net, is it authentic?

  1. I came across this website and was wondering if it's authentic, has anyone ordered anything from there?:confused1:
  2. There have been lots of discussions about this Japanese website at the Chloe forum and the general consensus is that they are real but that it can be a little confusing to deal with them what with customs concerns and payment issues. No one has complained about any authenticities of the bags.
  3. What sorts of custom concerns?
  4. Well - I am not too clear on it but they email you to declare what you want the bag to be stated as being worth. Some people prefer to play it safe and give the actual amount they paid and they risk high duty charges. Others fudge and say anything less than $400 - which I think is the cut off for the amount you can declare without paying duty. Sometimes a bag can be held up for inspection at the customs bureau. But don't quote me on any of this. I believe most of the transactions have been quite painless. Check out the thread at the Chloe Shopping Forum!
  5. I have ordered from them three times now and the experience was painfree in every-way. Just remember to pay by paypal. They are happy to declare the amount you want too. I declared slightly lower, but not so lower that is raises questions. Good luck!
  6. Some others reported being asked to fax a copy of their driver's license and bank statements. These people were NOT paying with PayPal. Apparently, if you use PayPal, you can avoid this request, which is meant to protect Diabro from the risk that you are using a stolen credit card.