Diabro.net is at it again!

  1. I was browsing the Bal forum (yes, it's true...I was cheating, lol!:shame:smile: and came across a thread about a First that they had listed for $130.19. Of course a bunch of them ordered and the same thing happened to them. Just a bunch of cancellations.

    Seems like someone at Diabro needs to pay a little better attention when entering prices. :push:
  2. omg! that was kinda fun though when it happened, the idea of a cheap topaz stam...
  3. you'd think they would've learned by now. :lol:
  4. I remembered that...I ordered 4!
  5. :nogood: I'm not surprised. That's what happens when companies aren't held accountable for their advertised prices... why double check if you can just send out mass emails saying sorry.
  6. lol, i bought 6 i think.....i really dislike diabro for not honoring their prices, if it was NM or Nordies, I'm sure they would have....I never buy from them anyway, I find their stuff overpriced, when compared with Nordies, eBay or even NM
  7. Diabro is WAY overpriced! I was on there this weekend, and bags that are on their 3rd markdown & have been Racked are still more than the original US price!!! Do they ever have sales???

    If they advertise something, they have to honor that price - It's illegal to do anything else, no matter who's at fault or how large the discrpency is. I have this problem all the time with my local Walgreen stores - they put the sale prices up 2 days before they go into effect, but won't honor it (even tho it's the display/shelf price) - I've reported them many times and been told that if a company/business advertises a price, whether it be in an ad, a shelf, or on the product itself - they are legally obligated to sell the item at that price. Of course they can fix the problem, but if someone attempts to purchase an item while the incorrect price is displayed, they are supposed to honor the display price!!!

    If they incorrectly listed a Balenciaga for $130, and someone tried to purchase it, then they are obligated to sell it at that price - - they are essentially breaking the law (common law called "Bait & Switch" or "Scan Scam")!!
  8. Yeah it sucks!!! But what're you gonna do, you know? I guess they think they can get away with it (and obviously they have) so they're not too concerned.

  9. iluvmybags - If I remember correctly, a bunch of us "purchased" a Teal Stam for $165 or something like that and several of us emailed and called them, but to no avail. Diabro is under Japanese jurisdiction so the only way we (or the Bal girls) would have a case is to file a civil suit to hold them under US regulations. Too much trouble and cost basically. Here's one of the threads with all of the info:

  10. besides which- they are not obligated to sell at that price because it is an obvious mistake. occasionally, retailers honor these mistakes in pricing as a gesture of good faith.

    however- while it stinks that diabro doesn't take the time to run a well oiled website we cannot get panties bunched up over the fact that we didn't get something for nothing.
  11. Still... how great it would have been to have received a stam or a first at those prices! Wishful thinking I guess.
  12. oh definitely thithi- i'm not saying i wouldn't have taken that bag at that price!
  13. Imagine getting one for that price!
  14. Haha! It is back on diabro today for the same tiny price!
  15. ^^Unbelievable!